Earth 2 World's End, And Our Racial And Religious Stereotypes


There has been considerable concern expressed to me over the final page of last week's Earth 2: Worlds End weekly comic from DC Comics.

It features the Sikh character Amir Khan (admittedly with a Muslim surname, but this is a parallel world), a taking off in a space ship with a bomb that's wired to explode intending to fly it into a building on Apokolips. The concern expressed to me is that it's hilariously insensitive for an "image of a brown man in a turban flying a rigged plane into a skyscraper".

In response I'd like to say a) read tomorrow's issue, b) it's 2014 not 2001, c) that seems to conflate and confuse variety of religious and ethnic stereotypes purposefully as if someone is trying to be offended d) everyone does "ramming speed" these days 2) there's only one tower, not two and f) here's a preview of tomorrow's issue we were just talking about…

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…see? Not even successful….

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