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Where On #DCRebirth Is Earth 2? Or Gotham Academy: Next Semester?
Two that may be very dear to people's hearts. While they said that Justice League Of America and Super Sons would happen, even without mentioning creative teams there was no news of the previously announced Earth 2 and Gotham Academy: Next Semester. Could these be the Mystic U and Dark Universe of the DC Rebirth? Earth 2 especially[...]
When Thomas Meets Bruce – A Few Details Of DC Comics' Convergence Event
Mind you, I get the idea lots of things have changed. Charatcers from Earth 2 will make up the main characters in the Convergence weekly, as Thomas Wayne, the current Batman of Earth 2 meets a version of his long dead son, Bruce Wayne. And there is further confirmation of new eight page back up stories introducing the new June mini-relaunch[...]
"I Never Saw Him So Powerful" – Lois Lane From World's Finest #31
So exactly what happened to the Earth 2 Superman and Batman… this is the story with the answers. Death and destruction are increasing on Earth-2, and only the watchful eye of Batman sees how the patterns fit Can he persuade Superman to take precautions before the price becomes very personal?! We all know how it will[...]
DC Comics Cancels 6 More Comics – Earth 2, Justice League Dark, Justice League 3000, Supergirl, Batman And Robin, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Green Lantern
If these are the twenty-four surviving DC Comics titles into June 2015, untouched (aside by creative teams) by the mini-relaunch we've been covering this morning. Action Comics, Aquaman, Batgirl, Batman, Detective Comics, Batman/Superman, Catwoman, Deathstroke, The Flash, Gotham Academy, Gotham By Midnight, Grayson, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Justice League United, Lobo, Secret[...]
How Many Universes? Today's Multiversity And New Avengers Count Them Up
While over in Earth 2: World's End they are preparing for… something. And the Marvel/DC crossovers seem to mount up… from the Multiversity Guide… And from Secret Wars, all the Thors including the one from DC Comics… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London With a signing from Liz Prince on Saturday the 7th February, signing  Alone Forever and Tomboy, as well as[...]
Earth 2 World's End, And Our Racial And Religious Stereotypes
There has been considerable concern expressed to me over the final page of last week's Earth 2: Worlds End weekly comic from DC Comics. It features the Sikh character Amir Khan (admittedly with a Muslim surname, but this is a parallel world), a taking off in a space ship with a bomb that's wired to explode intending to[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2014
#6 by Sam Humphries and Valerio Schiti Cryptozoic Man #3 by Walter Flanagan and Bryan Johnson Hawkeye #16 by Matt Fraction and Annie Wu New 52: Futures End #0 by Brian Azzarello and Ethan Van Sciver Chew #39 by John Layman and Rob Guillory Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #6 by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber   The Bunker #1 by Joshua Fialkov and Joe Infurnari Harley Quinn #3[...]
63 Thoughts About 62 Of Today's Comics – Prometheus, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batgirl, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Lady Demon, Copperhead, Charmed, Spider-Verse Team Up, Spider-Man, Supreme, Bitch Planet, Spider-Man & The X-Men, Skylanders, My Little Pony, Mercy Thompson, Fraggle Rock, Little Nemo, Peter Panzerfaust, Empty Man, Crossed Badlands, Wild Ones, God Is Dead, Earth 2, Batman Eternal, Thor, Avengers World, Carnage, Constantine, Amazing X-Men, Rocket Raccoon, Winterworld, Futures End, Alice Cooper, Shutter,  Magdalena, The Valiant, Princess Ugg, Helheim, V-Wars, TMNT, Angry Brids, Angry Birds Vs Transformers, Transformers, Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, Star Trek, Samurai Jack, October Faction, Suicide Risk, Maxx, D&D, 7th Sword, Hexed, Sirens, Eternal, Thomas Alsop, Deep State, Solar, Flash Gordon,  Ex-Con and John Carter
Do you know the effect alcohol has on small mammals? Pretty much the same effect it has on all mammals… Frankly, if I was Darkseid in today's Earth 2: Worlds End, I'd be hard pressed to get a word in edgeways Oh, and it all starts to happen here folks… Remember folks, he's not a valet,[...]
44 Thoughts About 44 Of Today's Comics – Chew, Crossed, Angela, Tooth & Claw, Thanos Vs. Hulk, Weapon X Project, Justice League 3000, Nailbter, Futures End, Dark Gods, Fairy Quest, Escape From New York,  Jennifer Blood, Shaft, Earth 2, Batman Eternal, Hellboy, Woods, Garfield, Robocop, Extinction Parade, Uber, Evil Empire Uncle Grampa, Adventure Time, Chaos, Chastity, Cloaks, Fiction Squad, Ash In Soace Death Of Apollo, The Shadow, Vampirella, Dryspell, Jack Hammer, Fight Like A Girl, Shinobi, Planet Gigantic, Grimm's Tales Of Terror, Rai, Sixth Gun, Eternal Warrior, Quantum & Woody And Wasteland
Going up? Man, don't you hate it when watching TV and this happens? Batman Eternal shows the future of arrest via Skype. Everyone wants to do Dark Knight again don't they? More of that later, but for now, Earth 2 does its best to recreate a classic scene… Hellboy & The BPRD #1 goes back to the beginning[...]
The Other DC Comics Gay Marriage You Never Had…
To the extent that Aquaman was written as married – just without saying the words. Well, today's Earth 2: Worlds End gives you another marriage that never happened Between Alan Scott, Green Lantern, and his boyfriend Sam, who was killed in the beginning of the monthly book.   They're just rubbing it in right now, yes? Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Earth 2 World's End And Axisness
A few changes 'twixt solicitation and publication that may be of note…. Danny Miki appears to be joining the credits for the upcoming DC weekly Earth 2 Worlds End according to the cover… But that's not Andrew Hope apparently Any ideas? X-Factor #18 is no longer an Axis crossover… Giuseppe Camuncoli will join the solicited Olivier Coipel on Amazing Spider-Man[...]
Here Is Your Jetpack – The Five Years Later Future Of DC Comics Today, From Futures End, Action Comics, Aquaman, Detective Comics, Batwing, Green Lantern, Grayson, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, Swamp Thing and Earth 2
Naturally there's a bit of middle age spread as every book costs $3.99. But what else? Well the Futures End series has already shown us that a war with Earth 2 took place,  plenty of "refugees" ending up on Prime Earth as well as a bunch of superheroes, held prisoner by Cadmus Stormwatch and Green Arrow[...]
Earth 2 And Wytches Take Diamond Previews Covers For August
The upcoming Diamond Previews features Earth 2: World's End, the third DC Comics weekly on the front cover and Wytches from Scott Snyder and Jock from Image Comics on the back…. While Gems of the month, highlighting the Premier publisher's top titles see IDW return to Ghostbusters with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. The launch[...]
Nicola Scott Addresses Her Leaving DC's Earth 2 After Two Years
Over on her facebook page, artist Nicola Scott addresses the news that her run on Earth 2 is coming to an end with issue #26 She also talks about her future plans, finishing out her DC contract and moving on to creator owned projects. While you were sleeping… I'm awake now! So, news is out; Earth 2[...]
SPOILER Swipe File: Earth 2 And Watchmen And Why Superman Fans Might Like To Pick A Copy Today
From Watchmen… And from the film [youtube][/youtube] And from today's Earth 2…   And furtehr reading, including a rather big last page spoiler…We see Val-Zod, the Kryptonian living on Earth, trying to lie up to the legacy of the now-dead Superman, despite being less exposed to the Sun's rays, exposing what he's had on under that hoodie all the time[...]
The Apartheid Of Earth One And Earth Two
Futures End #4 shows us a future New York practicing full blown apartheid, between those from Earth One and those from Earth Two. And for some reason, none of the superheroes seem to be particularly up in arms about this state of afairs. The fallout from what we presume is the war between the two Earths coming up[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Original Sin To Nailbiter And The Wake
Log in and tell us what looks great in the July Previews! Thanks for watching! Time stamps for this episode are: 11:28 Original Sin #1 12:32 Green Lantern #31 13:27 Future's End #1 14:56 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 15:54 Cyclops #1 16:43 Nailbiter #1 18:33 Madame Frankenstein #1 22:24 Rat Queens #6 23:17 Moon Knight #3 24:10 Iron Fist: Living Weapon #2 25:10 Magneto #3 26:13 Earth 2[...]
Nicola Scott's Green Lantern Brokeback Pose, From C2E2?
At the DC Comics panel at C2E2 today, Earth 2 artist Nicola Scott joked about sneaking in a "butt shot" of a certain Green Lantern Alan Scott in a recent issue of Earth 2, making it a male equivalent of the brokeback pose. Could it be this one? I don't know, Nicola There's a lot of shadow,[...]