Foul-Mouthed Wrestling Romance Comic Crowdfunded in Under an Hour

The ************* ******, a new creator-owned wrestling romance comic by Max Fuchs, has been fully funded in less than an hour on Kickstarter, the artist reported on Twitter this week. Why do we have to censor the title of this comic when Bleeding Cool is owned by Avatar Press, a company that once published an Alan Moore comic where an ejaculating fish demon is one of the least offensive things you'll find in its pages, is a question we are unable to answer at this time. In fact, we have been explicitly told that in the past that we cannot post the page with the ejaculating fish demon, a page which, in our opinion, may be the single greatest page in the history of Avatar Press, if not the comics medium itself, here on this very website. It's the kind of thing that makes you stop and say: HOOORRRRRDDDD. However, that won't stop us from telling you about The ************* ******, which is available right now on Kickststarter with pledges starting at just ten *****… sorry, we mean bucks!

From a press release, here's what The ************* ****** is all about:

The ************* ****** features the titular protagonist, a lustful masked luchador. He is purple of skin, large of arm, and primed to play out passionate dramas against the backdrop of the wrestling ring. Action, violence, and make-out scenes with tongue will unfold as we follow The ******, along with love interest, Tigoria Killblood, and a horde of hairy-legged adversaries, into the pages of grappling mythos.

But don't take our word or the word of the press release or even the word of Scott Bryan Wilson, writer of TRVE KVLT, Pennyworth, and Altered Carbon: One Life One Death about The ************* ******, though this is what Wilson had to say about it in case you were wondering.

Max Fuchs's success with this book is threefold: the astounding, kinetic, musclebound art; the bombastic, hyperventilating (and hilarious) prose; and, of course, the mindblowing creation himself, in all his sweaty glory—The ************* ******. Not a day goes by that I don't get mad that I didn't come up with that name first.

This comic comes with the endorsement of buff comics industry luminary Aubrey Sitterson himself. Sitterson took to Twitter to rave:

Please ignore the foul language used by Aubrey Sitterson in that tweet. We don't say those kinds of words here at Bleeding Cool (unless Dave Bautista is tweeting them). Here's what Max Fuchs had to say about his pet project, censored appropriately:

The ****** represents a strength and atidude I wish I could have in real life. He's an outlet for repressed anger. When my high school art teachers told us that comics were "low art," and that we should focus on finer things, I shamefully crumbled and went with the program. I should have said "**** you!" I've always regretted nor being more of a stubborn ************. Sometimes it's healthy for people to yell "****!"

Sure. Just not on this website, brought to you by the publisher that gave you Crossed, Über, and the entire Boundless catalog including many an erotic Jungle Girl tale written by Dan Wickline. But we digress. The point is that, even though we cannot technically say "The ************* ******," we can tell you that you can click here on this link to pledge to The ************* ****** on Kickstarter.

And also, if you promise not to tell anyone, we'll share some pages from the comic for you below (just be sure to mentally censor the naughty words in your own head while reading them):

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