Frank Miller Talks Dark Knight Spoilers, Elaborates On Next DC Project, Couldn't Dream Up President Trump

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Donald Trump connection! Always a classic. Let's see what we've got…

Superstar comics creator Frank Miller and pleasant gentleman Brian Azzarello gave an interview to Comic Book Resources today, and though Azzarello valiantly abstained from calling CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching a pussy during the interview, he and Miller did talk a little bit about Donald Trump, a barely disguised analog of whom has appeared throughout the Dark Knight III series.

"Let me put it this way," Miller, who somewhat surprisingly, based on his reputation, supported Hillary Clinton in the election, said of the President Elect." I don't think I could have dreamt of a story where the United States president was best friends with a member of the KGB."

"And you know what?" Azzarello added. "If he would have come up with that, I would have said, 'Come on! Too far-fetched. Nobody would buy that!'"

"What's next for us," Miller wondered. "Nazis?"

Speaking of Nazis, Miller also elaborated on his next DC project, of which he said, "As far as 'DK4,' yes, I always plan to continue the DK story but there will be something else in between. It'll take some seminal DC characters back to their origins." Miller is likely talking about the project he alluded to at Brazil's Comic Con Experience back in November, when he said, "I have a fixation with World War II and I'm talking to DC on a project with their heroes at that time."

The pair also addressed the big twist in the latest issue of Dark Knight III: Ill-Advised Nazi Subtitle, which we'll give you a chance to avoid if you haven't read it yet…

Spoiler Sign

In Dark Knight #7 features, according to CBR's naughty spoilery interview, "Superman reviving Bruce Wayne via the Lazarus Pit, and him coming out apparently much younger." According to Miller and Azzarello, this will "open up" the Dark Knight universe for more sequels and expansion.

"I think what we've done to him definitely opens up the whole Dark Knight world a little bit more," Azarello said.  "A lot more stories that can be told. We added some time."

So in case you were worried, fear not – Dark Knight can be milked for sequels and spinoffs for years to come!

Head over to CBR to read the whole interview. We're gonna go back to spinning that wheel and see other stories we can find today.



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