Frank Miller To Draw The Dark Knight III #5 Mini-Comic

STL001408Frank Miller's role on the Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been a contentious one. He himself has declared that he's not writing it, it's all Brian Azzarello, but that Miller looks forward to writing Dark Knight Four. This has been countered by sources close to production who insist that it has been an intense collaboration between Brian Azzarello and Frank.

But as issue after issue have been published, Miller seems to have become more and more involved, with covers, inking artists on the mini-comic inserts or being inked by other artists.

Well it now looks like he'll be taking the fifth issue mini-comic on, drawing it solo.

The comic, which would have been originally published in April, is now scheduled for the end of June. Paul Pope is also now drawing the 1:50 cover.

And Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade by Azzarello and John Romita Jr, originally solicited as a 64 page comic for $7.99, then reduced to a 48 page comic for $6.99, has gone back up to a 64 page comic – but sticking with the $6.99 price point.

Oh and rather than come out in February, is now planned to be released on the 15th June. Just to keep things interesting.



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