Funko Not Deserting ECCC Over Coronavirus Fears… And Others

As ReedPOP prepares to hold ECCC next week in the middle of an active virus outbreak, creators and companies are backing out left and right.   However, some are hanging in there and excited for the upcoming event … like J. Scott Campbell. Tuesday night where many other creators were jumping ship, J. Scott announced he will be there and is looking forward to it, planning to bring new exclusives with him.

Many though are still expecting a cancelation from ReedPOP, as we are now exactly a week away, with some very much feeling ReedPop needs to cancel ECCC with #CancelECCC now on Twitter,

With most companies having pulled out of exhibiting at ECCC, it does become a question as to why ReedPOP would still go forward with a greatly reduced Dealer Room and Artist Ally.  However, those questioning that and thinking that it is forgone conclusion that ECCC will shut down with no companies there forget that one big company has not pulled out of ECCC, and likely will not … Funko.

Why? Well the Funko founding headquarters in Everett, Washington is only 28 miles away from the Washington Convention Center where ECCC will be held,

Not Everyone Is Deserting ECCC Because Of The Corona Virus Scare ... Funko For Example...

So all their employees and representatives are just at risk at work as they are at ECCC. Over the years as ECCC has grown, Funko's presence has increased because of the closeness of the convention and the mothership for all things Funko being so close. ECCC is also one of the very few conventions Funko directly retails at, and their presence, and the exclusives will have people showing up as long as ECCC goes forward next week.

(They will even have the Coronavirus afflicted Pop…

Funko Not Deserting ECCC Over Coronavirus Fears... And Others
Credit: WotC/Funko

Next week sees the launch of Funko's Spring Convention Exclusive wave, and while many retailers are partnered up with Funko to get few of the exclusives to sell, only ECCC will have all of them to sell starting next Thursday at ECCC for those who go.  With Funko at ECCC, ECCC is very likely to start a week from today. If you personally plan to get any of the ECCC Funko exclusives on eBay, make sure the listing promises it will be "Coronavirus Free!"

As the Coronavirus gains more footing in the United States, it is likely that conventions may start to see creators and companies stay local, and not willing to venture outside their states, or even out of their cities for a while.

Bleeding Cool will have "live" coverage from ECCC starting next week, unless Seattle descends into apocalyptic like conditions beforehand…

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