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Jason Aaron Introduces Ghost Rider As A Samurai In Avengers #58

There are three characters Jason Aaron seems to love writing at MarvelWolverine was in his first published story, and he's written a lot of Wolverine comics, X-Men comics with Wolverine, and even had him show up in the Avengers recently. Then there is Thor, with whom Aaron had a character-defining run and brought Jane Foster into being the god of thunder as well.  After writing his book through several iterations and a massive crossover, he's still writing Thor monthly in the Avengers.  The third character, though, Jason Aaron, has probably introduced the most versions of Ghost Rider.  Get ready for another version of the Spirit of Vengeance in July.

Ghost Rider #20 Cover
Ghost Rider #20 Cover. Credit: Marvel

Starting in 2008, Volume 6 of Ghost Rider #20 became Jason Aaron's first monthly gig with Marvel. It introduced many wild and crazy adventures for Johnny Blaze and insane villains like the Machine Gun Sisters.  It also reunited Blaze with his brother and 1990's version of Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, and had both being Ghost Rider at the same time. Ending his run with Ghost Rider Heaven's On Fire mini-series, which had its last issue published in 2010, he had introduced well over 20 new Ghost Riders from the past in his final stories, including Yoshio Kannabe, a Japanese Ghost Rider.

Jump to Jason Aaron's run on the Avengers starting in 2018. Aaron brought the most recent Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, to prominence and made the prehistoric mammoth riding Ghost Rider of Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. a founding member.  He also did a whole arc with Robbie Reyes, Johnny Blaze, and the Cosmic Ghost Rider, racing each other. Aaron has also added Mephisto, the devil who cursed Johnny Blaze all the way back in Marvel Spotlight #5 into being Ghost Rider as a main villain for the Avengers and made Avengers Forever Volume 2, a Robbie Reyes team-up book as he travels throughout the multiverse meeting other versions of the Avengers.

We'll get another version of Ghost Rider from Jason Aaron in July. He introduces the Ghost Ronin (masterless warrior) in Avengers #58 as the Avengers continue to travel throughout Marvel history.

Avengers #58 Cover
Avengers #58 Cover. Credit: Marvel

Predator variant by E.M. Gist
Japan, the Edo Period. They say he walks by night, wielding a blade forged by hellfire. And where he wanders, the penance flows like fountains of blood. He is the fabled Ghost Ronin, the Samurai of Vengeance. And alongside the Avengers, he will make his final stand against the lightning swords of the devil himself.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

In shops July 20th, 2002 (Hopefully?)

Don't be surprised if Jason Aaron doesn't introduce a few more Ghost Riders and expand the Spirit of Vengeance lore even more in his tenure at Marvel.


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