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Savage Dragon Takes On Anti-Vax Disinformation Today
Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon was the first – and is the only – superhero comic book from one of the big publishers that has had the coronavirus pandemic as part of its ongoing plotline While fighting the bad guys, Malcolm Dragon has also been coping with self-isolation and social distancing over the past two years in[...]
It's unknown where Drew McIntyre contracted COVID-19, but WWE should have probably never let him in the ring with this guy.
The transmissibility of the omicron variant continues to bring back the worst aspects of the coronavirus pandemic We've already heard speculation that WWE could return to filming shows in the Thunderdome if things get worse, as other sports leagues are forced to postpone games or, in the case of the NHL, pause the season The[...]
Superheroes Battle Coronavirus in New Comic "Infectious"
In the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the world has tried everything Mask-wearing Social distancing Bleach injection Ignoring it and hoping it will go away Vaccines Horse dewormer More vaccines Maybe it's time for bold new ideas Enter Infectious, the new comic on Kickstarter by writer Arcadio Bolaños and artists Juan Alarcón, Kaskajo, Alberto Aguado, Juan[...]
Mark Millar Gets COVID After Netflix Meetings in London's West End
Just not this week. Because he told his followers that he has now contracted the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and states "the most exciting thing this week was buying a bad-ass retro games console to get the family and I through our required 10 day isolation period." How did he come by the infection? Well nationally, infections[...]
MCM London Replaces Comic Village With A Curated Artists Alley
MCM Comic Con has told Bleeding Cool about their coronavirus guidelines for their London and Birmingham comic conventions They state that they will be following the latest government guidelines around vaccinations and social distancing, as well as individual venue rules for ExCeL London and the NEC Birmingham events, adding "the health and safety of everyone[...]
Mask Mandate Booked for WWE SummerSlam in Las Vegas
Fans attending WWE SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on August 21st will be required to wear masks as part of the stadium's coronavirus safety protocols The ruling comes from the state of Nevada, which reinstituted a mask mandate on July 30th thanks to the surge in cases from the delta variant and morons[...]
Dave Bautista is Sexually Attracted to Coronavirus Vaccines
Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista revealed a new kink this week: coronavirus vaccines The Animal took to Twitter to express his belief in the sexiness of the COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna, and others Additionally, the former WWE Champion said that he believes being vaccinated makes him sexier as well. Dave Bautista admits[...]
It's unknown where Drew McIntyre contracted COVID-19, but WWE should have probably never let him in the ring with this guy.
Lawler revealed the news on Twitter, showing WWE is taking coronavirus safety seriously as it prepares to resume live touring in July. "WWE called and said everyone needs to be fully vaccinated before the next pay per view in June, so here I am!" said Lawler on Twitter, posting a photo of himself receiving the shot[...]
A live WWE Smackdown event from October 2019, back when the arenas were at least half full.
WWE continues to hulk up in anticipation of a massive comeback against the coronavirus pandemic, announcing another three cities for its "MAYBE YOU WILL DIE" tour kicking off in July WWE has been itching to get back into the swing of things when it comes to touring since the coronavirus pandemic forced them to shut[...]
The logo for ROH Best in the World
For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut down live wrestling tours, Ring of Honor will bring fans back in the building for The Best in the World PPV in July In a press release, ROH laid out the plans and described the safety measures being taken to ensure social distancing. For the first time[...]