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Comics For Ukraine Shows Sienkiewicz Cover, Chaykin Page, Adds Doran

Comic anthologies have an interesting history in the United States, as they are often the most common way throughout the world that new comic material is published.  Since 2001 comic anthologies have been a way to raise awareness and money for charities and causes in the United States and seeking to help efforts in Ukraine; Scott Dunbier, the editor with perhaps the best reputation for doing all-star projects in all of comicdom, has started a new one.  Going through Zoop, Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds has just entered its second week of fundraising.

Zoop Logo

Taking its title from the Ukrainian woman who stood up to Russian soldiers in February, "Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers (the Ukrainian national flower) will grow when you all lie down here," Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds started with a goal of $35,000.  We talked about this last week, but it has blown through that goal to over $114,000 and climbing in one week.  It isn't that surprising, though, as the talent associated with the project is huge, and the page count will be huge at 96 pages planned at 8×12 inches.

Four covers for the project are planned, with three already available to see on the Zoop site.  The main cover is by Alex Ross, available as the hardcover edition (and a signed one by him as well if you throw in another $40):

Alex Ross Main Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds
Alex Ross Main Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds

Plus, the just revealed the Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, also available in softcover:

Bill Sienkiewicz New Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds
Bill Sienkiewicz New Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds

Another cover by Dave Johnson, also available in with the Sienkiewicz softcover:

Other Softcover Covers for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds
Other Softcover Covers for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds

And not quite ready to be shown, Arthur Adams's cover will also be softcover.  (Sketch only so far.):

Arthur Adams Sketch Cover
Arthur Adams Sketch Cover

Beyond the incredible covers, Colleen Doran, Greg Hildebrant, and Joe Jusko have joined Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds this week as well. Doran will be doing a brand new 6-page story. In addition, Jusko will be providing artwork for the title page, while Hildebrant will be adding new artwork to help round out the book.

In addition to exclusive new stories by so many creators as we covered last week: Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson (doing a new Astro City story), John Layman and Rob Guillory (doing a new Chew story), Walter Simonson (doing a new Star Slammers story), Howard Chaykin (doing a new American Flagg story), with a preview page now available:

Howard Chaykin American Flagg Page Preview
Howard Chaykin American Flagg Page Preview

In addition, Stan Sakai (doing a new Usagi Yojimbo story), Matt Wagner (doing a new Grendel story), Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier (doing a new Groo story, with Stan Sakai lettering), Jill Thompson (doing a new Scary Godmother story), and other great creators doing new stories for the anthology like Mark Waid & Gabriel Rodriguez, Louise Simonson & June Brigman, and Dave Gibbons & Chris Spouse are a part of Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds.

With 19 days left to back it, the project is filled with great creators and great work; it looks like.  Beyond paying for the hard costs (printing, credit-card fees, marketing), all proceeds will go to Operation USA very shortly after the campaign ends. Dunbier is looking to get all copies to donors by December 2022, though that date may slide with current shortages and shipping delays. Go to for more details and pledge for your copies.  Copies can be ordered and delivered worldwide, except likely in Russia.

The original press release is below:


Colleen Doran, Greg Hildebrandt and Joe Jusko Join the Project as Campaign Nears End of Second Week of Funding

SAN DIEGO, CA – Last week, more than three dozen comic-book writers, artists, colorists, letterers, designers, and editors announced a collection of all-new comic-book stories to raise money to aid refugees in Ukraine. Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds, the benefit anthology edited by Scott Dunbier, with all proceeds going to Operation USA, surpassed an initial $35,000 funding goal just twelve hours after the campaign launched, with over $113,000 from over 900 contributors raised to date. The book will be full-color, 96 pages, 8 x 12 inches, and available in both hardcover and softcover editions, with hundreds of supporters on day one. As the campaign enters a second week of funding, it is announced that Eisner Award-winner Colleen Doran, legendary illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, and celebrated cover artist Joe Jusko have joined the project.

Colleen Doran said "(I am) honored to do what small part I can to aid the brave people of Ukraine and to celebrate Ukrainian heritage."

Greg Hildebrandt added "Neither Jean nor I ever expected to live long enough to see Russia attack any country simply out of greed. The savagery we have witnessed in these past weeks is beyond anything we can fathom. Our hearts break for the people of Ukraine. The loss of life is stunning. The monstrously evil insanity of Putin's War is equal to the Turks attempt to exterminate the Armenians in WWI and Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jews in WWII. Any project that I can lend my art to that will thwart Putin is a project I will join with all my heart, soul and mind. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this project."

Joe Jusko concluded "As a third generation Ukrainian American whose grandmother had her entire lineage erased during WWII, I am honored to contribute to this most important endeavor."

These three creators join the incredible roster of comics talent assembled for Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seedsunited under the mission of providing relief to a war-torn Ukraine, which has suffered attacks from neighboring Russia since late February. There will be multiple versions available: a hardcover with a painted cover by Alex Ross, and softcover versions by Arthur Adams, Dave Johnson, and Bill Sienkiewicz. At press time, stories will be created by a virtual who's who of writers and artists, including Brent Anderson, Sergio Aragones, June Brigman, Kurt Busiek, Howard Chaykin, Joshua Dysart, Mark Evanier, Emil Ferris, Dave Gibbons, Rob Guillory, John Layman, Gabriel Rodriguez, Stan Sakai, Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, Chris Sprouse, Jill Thompson, Matt Wagner, Mark Waid, and more. For a full list of creators, including colorists, letterers, and designers, please visit the campaign page.

Quote from Scott Dunbier

"Apart from hard costs (printing, credit-card fees, marketing, etc.) all of the funds raised by Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds will benefit the relief efforts in Ukraine in partnership with Operation USA, so while the initial funding goal has been met, continued support will maximize the impact on the lives of those deeply affected by the ongoing war—improving conditions for Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries via the provision of emergency grants and in-kind material aid.Operation USA supports health and education programs to help children and families at home and abroad recover and thrive in the wake of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty. Every day, they strive to meet the needs of under-served and overlooked populations so that future generations may have the tools they need to create meaningful change in their own communities and lives. Working with partners around the world, they empower communities to recover, build resiliency and thrive in the face of pervasive obstacles during a time of unprecedented global need. Since 1979, Operation USA has delivered $450 million in aid to 101 countries."

Learn more at

To contribute to these efforts and preorder your copy of Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds, please visit today!

For more information on the work of Operation USA, visit

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