The Gate – A Dark Hero Franchise for a New Generation


Kevin Huckabee writes,

Before recorded history, an alchemist combined with an unknown element from another universe and was transformed into an indestructible monster that could change from a solid, liquid, and gas, and consume all living matter into oblivion.

The alchemist's apprentice endeavored across the span of millennia to destroy the master, until present day, when The Gate attacks Jimmy and Lauren's hometown. Their lives have been darkened by The Gate, but they must accept the revelation of the past and seek vengeance to save the lives of their friends, their world, and ultimately the universe. To destroy the monster, either Jimmy or Lauren will have to become a monster.


During a time of remakes, sequels, and characters lacking substance, we seek to introduce a brand new powerfully dark and divided character emboldened by awesome fear, tormented by the gray area of right and wrong, the loss of his unappreciated life, and adventure to truly discover the answers to his emptiness and secrets of the universe.

It's revitalizing the see streaming series such as Stranger Things and Black Mirror on Netflix. We want to bring our own story to the fold, and it will assuredly turn heads. The Gate is a character audiences will want to dress up as at birthday parties, Halloween, and year-round at Cosplay conventions. When The Gate comes it may be to save you, or consume you into oblivion. It's as heroic as it is frightening.

The idea is to create a real, new frontier Science Fiction story anchored by relatable characters that experience devastating loss and earth-shattering change in a frightening, savage, gritty setting.

The premise is to take the two prolific genres of the time, Superhero and Horror films, and combine them on an epic scope with a hero forged in alchemy, a mystical and "real world magic," struggling to hold on to humanity. This story will bring the audience into an endless universe filled with visceral imagery, practical sets, locations, wardrobe, makeup, and effects, much akin to cinematic stapes of Science Fiction.

The Gate suit is at the center of development. It will cost a total of $9,000 and will be built by Hex Mortis, a reputable, dedicated, and highly talented company located in Atlanta, Georgia. This company has exclusive contract work with prominent shows like AMC's Preacher, NBC's Constantine, and CBS's MacGyver.

We need a minimum of $10,000 to get the suit built and make travel arrangements to conventions. However, let's not stop there! We have a multimillion 5-Year Plan to introduce, establish, and advance The Gate brand for Comic Con tours to streaming series, feature film, console, mobile, and VR games, novel, comic, graphic novel series, and anime!


If we reach $20,000 we can produce a Proof-of-Concept, or an excerpt scene from The Gate series, produced at the highest level to serve as a showpiece for the entire franchise's viability that can be used to entice a developmental deal with a company like Netflix.

Bleeding Cool previously helped promote funding for Issue 0 of The Gate: The Dark Inside comic book. Since then, Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, was very impressed by the character and almost mistook it for his own (see signed copy). For that, we would like to provide all Bleeding Cool subscribers immediate perks, as stated on our IndieGogo page. We will Photoshop an image of you being consumed by The Gate and make a free digital copy of the comic book available. Be sure to send us a picture at after donating whatever you can. We appreciate any and all donations. If you are unable to give monetarily, we appreciate any publicity or sharing of our campaign.





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