Giant Days #37 Review: Another Delightful Installment of the Day-in-the-Life Series

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Daisy has a spat with her grandmother, and, on the advice of Esther, moves out to find a new place to crash. She stays at Susan's while on the search for a new apartment. Eventually, she goes to university in the hopes of getting lodging in the halls.

Giant Days #37 cover by Max Sarin
Giant Days #37 cover by Max Sarin

Giant Days #37 is one of those all-too rare comics that starts off with a problem, focuses on it throughout the length of the issue, and concludes it at the end of the issue. Plus, it's not a problem that just springs up out of nowhere in the issue itself. This was an issue that was going to strike Daisy sooner or later and is a major character moment for both her and her Granny.

As always, the dialogue in this installment is creative and often hysterical. These three leads have a wonderful chemistry, and it's a treat seeing their three reactions to Daisy's problem.

The pacing is neither particularly quick or slow. It goes at its own pace, and, being a day-in-the-life comic, it is heavy on dialogue. I said this in my last review of Giant Days, but don't come into this one expecting a high-action, mystery, or contemplative sci-fi title. It's just a fun and charming story of three young women.

Giant Days #37 art by Max Sarin and Whitney Cogar
Giant Days #37 art by Max Sarin and Whitney Cogar

Max Sarin's artwork is expressive, animated, and very endearing. Daisy, Esther, and Susan each have distinct visual designs and express themselves in their own unique ways which often manifest in visual mannerisms. Plus, Sarin's artwork is great at playing up the humor. Whitney Cogar's color art is bright and saturated but contrasts itself well when needed.

Giant Days #37 is another endearing and funny issue of the Boom! Studios series, and John Allison once more shows a mastery over this world and its characters. Sarin and Cogar keep things beautiful on the visual end, and this comic earns itself a recommendation. Check it out.

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