He's So Cute! I Am Groot #1 Review

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As I'm sure all of us are aware, Baby Groot is one of the cutest things to ever be created. Since he danced his way into our hearts in Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have wanted more. And Marvel has delivered, with both GOTGV2 and the new I Am Groot series by Christopher Hastings, Flaviano, and Marcio Menyz.

The story follows Baby Groot as he launches his fellow Guardians into an unknown part of the galaxy, and then winds up launching himself off of the ship. He does so largely out of being bored, so as someone who babysits young kids, I can certainly understand everyone's frustration with Groot. Of course, you can't stay mad at him — he's so goddamn adorable. Damnit, Marvel.


Hastings delivers a strong narrative with the small tree creature-slash-assassin. Despite only speaking three words, he does inflect great emotion through Groot.

Flaviano's art adds to it, as Groot is given a visible range of emotion to help the reader understand what he's saying. His overtly cartoony Groot stands out wonderfully well against the much more realistic Guardians (even Rocket), drawing the reader's eye to Groot in every panel he's in. This is a great trick, as it does show that Groot is the central focus.

At the climax of the book, the art gets downright weird, but it's beautiful. The planet Terminal is presented as an eerie alternate world, with vibrant colors (thanks to Menyz). The colors are stunning throughout the whole book — he uses them well to set up the overall feel of each page. I honestly can't pick a favorite panel, since this whole book is beautiful to look at.

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