Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018

K Lynn Smith is the creator of acclaimed webcomic Plume.

Dirk Manning has done some stuff as well.

Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018Together they have created a new superhero comic book for 2018 called Hope. We could all do with a lot of that right now. In a newsletter, Dirk writes,

HOPE (with K Lynn Smith)
"Tell me what you did with my daughter!"
I've been waiting almost a decade to find the perfect artist collaborator for what will be my first ever long-form superhero story, and I'm tickled pink to say that I finally found the proper partner and collaborator in my pal K Lynn Smith.

For those of you who may not be familiar with her work, K Lynn is the writer and creator of her own amazing comic series PLUME… and if you haven't checked out and backed the PLUME OMNIBUS on Kickstarter yet, take a moment to do so HERE right now and then come back — go on, I'll wait!

Regarding the nature and tone of HOPE (Publisher: TBD), we don't want to give too much away until you read the first issue, but I will say that while it is indeed a genuine superhero book, it definitely combines the sensibilities of both our previous works in a story with about a strong (no pun intended) female lead character that's very action-packed and will take some very unexpected turns within the first few pages alone.

If you've ever wanted to see either me or K Lynn tackle the superhero genre, your wait is now over, friends… and this book is going to be a doozy!

K Lynn and I will be debuting the first issue of HOPE (Publisher: TBD) at both our respective Artist Alley tables at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle next month, and will have it with us throughout the rest of the year at all our convention appearances!

And it's just one of nine titles he has planned for 2018.

Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018


The Adventures of Cthulhu Jr. and Dastardly Dirk(Publisher: TBD) is a collaboration between myself and Scoot McMahon(WRAPPED UP, SAMI THE SAMURAI SQUIRREL) that is a genuinely 100% all-ages book that children and adults alike will be able to read and enjoy (albeit perhaps for different reasons, much like the classic Looney Tunes cartoons we all know and love so very much).

BUILT ON STRANGE GROUND with Sally Scott. Publisher: Peppermint Monster Press.

An anthology of real-life stories about haunted places, and my story "The Bridge Where Carrie's Eyes Changed Color" is a true story illustrated by the amazing Sally Scott, who also illustrated the story "The Man Who Sold the World" in NIGHTMARE WORLD Volume 4. If you like real-world horror, this is the anthology for you! Just make sure not to read it right before going to bed… or in the case of my story, before you're about to cross any creepy bridges…

Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018

COSA NOSTRA with Dan Dougherty)

A mafia/crime book with a supernatural twist. Given our mutual love of both genres, it's the perfect blend of both our passions in a series that also masterfully plays to both our strengths, if I do say so myself!

The first issue is scheduled to debut at Cherry Capital Comic Con

HAUNTED HIGH-ONS (with Twiztid, Marianna Pescosta, and Alessandro de Fornasari)

First, I'm tickled to announce that HAUNTED HIGH-ONS will be available to purchase in comic shops across the country from Source Point Press via PREVIEWS this February! Yay! That means if you haven't gotten it from me or them, yet, in February you'll be able to order the debut one-shot through your local comic shop! Woop-woop!

Second, there's more huge HAUNTED HIGH-ONS news that I'll be announcing alongside TWIZTID as well as series artists Mariannna Pescosta and Alesandro de Fornasari (who will be making only their second appearance EVER in the United States, flying in from Italy) this February at Astronomicon. Hmmm… given the nature of this newsletter, I wonder what it could be, eh?

Seriously, folks… come join us at Astronomicon in Sterling Heights, Michigan this February to hear the details first hand. Not only will you be able to get the comic signed by all five of us… but there's also going to be one final super-rare limited edition exclusive cover available exclusively at the con!

Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018

NIGHTMARE WORLD OMNIBUS (By Dirk Manning and Friends) Publisher: Devil's Due Entertainment
"You know the truth… you know the truth… you know the truth…"
After a 15 year journey, all four volumes of NIGHTMARE WORLD are finally being collected in one giant 500+ page hardcover collection from Devil's Due Entertainment in the form of the mighty NIGHTMARE WORLD OMNIBUS

THE NIGHTMARENOMICON by Dirk Manning and Friends, Publisher: Devil's Due Entertainment

Companion book and coda to the NIGHTMARE WORLD series. This stand-alone book 52-page graphic novella offers author's notes on each and ever every story in the series (in the definitive reading order, too, meaning you don't necessarily have to buy the NIGHTMARE WORLD OMNIBUS to know the definitive reading order (you're welcome — but, dang, that OMNIBUSis pretty dang sweet!) as well as dozens of pages of newer-before seen NIGHTMARE WORLD art, details about the stories that didn't make it into the final series, and two never-before published NIGHTMARE WORLD bonus stories to boot… including one that features characters from EVERY STORY of the comic's original online incarnation by superstar NIGHTMARE WORLD and TALES OF MR. RHEEartist Josh Ross!

The Nightmarenomicon is currently scheduled to make its terrifying debut at C2E2 alongside the NIGHTMARE WORLD OMNIBUS. Brace yourself, folks… everything is connected, and this book tells you how.

Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018Hope, a New Superhero Comic by K Lynn Smith and Dirk Manning for 2018

TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 4: "Everything Burns" with Seth Damoose and Anthony D. Lee, Publisher: Devil's Due Entertainment

Clocking it at about 200 pages(!), TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 4: "Everything Burns"  is not only the end of "Act One" of the TALES OF MR. RHEE series, but also the biggest single story of my career to date.

Equally emotional and action-packed, in this latest installment of the Cthulhu Noir horror series, Mr. Rhee's once-banished demonic arch-nemesis Ranobus comes back for revenge against Mr. Rhee, vowing not to stop his destructive rampage until everything Mr. Rhee loves burns.

The team is currently finishing the last 60-page(!) chapter of this book, and we are currently planning on debuting it at Motor City Comic Con this Spring.

MR. RHEE: Surviving the NIGHTMARE WORLD with Greenbrier Games

A TALES OF MR. RHEE/NIGHTMARE WORLD tabletop card game happening, friends!

TALES OF MR. RHEE: Surviving the NIGHTMARE WORLD is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in May from Greenbrier Games, right after TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 4 is scheduled to hits shelves (and Kickstarter mailboxes) everywhere.

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