Invader Zim #30 Review: The Call of Poopthulu

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Dib is roped into a war between the Poop Wizards and the impending threat of Poopthulu, Refreshing Destroyer of Worlds. The Poop Wizards are going to confront the dark wizard who is trying to summon Poopthulu while Dib has to go get a bottle of Dark Poop from Zim and Gir, whom have been stockpiling Dark Poop for doubtlessly nefarious purposes.

Invader Zim #30 cover by Maddie C. and Fred C. Stresing
Invader Zim #30 cover by Maddie C. and Fred C. Stresing

Invader Zim #30 is a far funnier installment for the series compared to the previous issue, which relied far too much on pointing out how stupid its own story is and pairing words with "poop."

Invader Zim has always succeeded on crude and random humor mixed with surrealism, black comedy, and social allegory, and this installment brings in more of the surrealism, black comedy, and random humor to put the scales back in balance.

Where this comic shines the most is in the extended sequencer wherein Dib is trying to convince Zim to give him a bottle of Dark Poop by performing a demeaning task for the Irkan Invader. It goes on for a long time but never becomes unfunny.

Bear in mind, it still tries to deal in lame jokes based around the word "poop," and, if you read the previous issue, they will likely grate on your nerves.

Invader Zim #30 art by Maddie C. and Fred C. Stresing
Invader Zim #30 art by Maddie C. and Fred C. Stresing

Maddie C.'s artwork doesn't disappoint in this issue, though there were some panel layouts that were a little uninspired. That aside, she and colorist Fred C. Stresing continue to capture the aesthetic and fluidity of the cartoon's aesthetic as well as its anarchic color palette.

Invader Zim #30 is a return to form for the title that will leave you laughing and attached to every page. There is a lot of good material between Dib and Zim, and the payoff to the plot is quite funny in itself. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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