Is Cable an Anti-Vaxxer? X-Force #7 Preview

The latest X-Force series has been making some changes to Cable's alternate future history, and the most recent issue saw Cable kidnapped by Stryfe's Mutant Liberation Army and taken to the future, where he's considered a terrorist. Why? This preview of X-Force #7 may shed some light on the matter.

Is Cable an Anti-Vaxxer? X-Force #7 Preview

A walking infection? Is Cable an anti-Vaxxer? Could his techno-organic infection be a danger to those around him simply because he refuses to be vaccinated for a virus that had probably not been seen for a thousand years before Cable was sent to the future as a child?

Is Cable an Anti-Vaxxer? X-Force #7 Preview

Stryfe wants Cable to think more about how his actions affect others, perhaps those that are unable to receive techno-organic vaccinations, all because of his silly and likely baseless belief system.

Is Cable an Anti-Vaxxer? X-Force #7 Preview

So selfish, Kid Cable. So irresponsible, especially with all your time traveling. Aren't you the guy who killed your own older self because of the damage he was doing to the timeline? What about the damage you're doing to the public health? Huh?

X-Force #7 hits stores on Wednesday.

X-Force #7
(W) Ed Brisson (A) Damian Couceiro, Dylan Burnett (CA) Pepe Larraz
• Stryfe comes face-to-face with Kid Cable!
• But which side will X-Force stand with?
Parental Advisory
In Shops: May 08, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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