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Bullet Train Star Brad Pitt Reflects on His Deadpool 2 Vanisher Cameo
As the name suggests, the character is largely invisible as part of the running gag as part of the member of X-Force that Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) recruited him for When the team jumps out of the plane, only Domino (Zazie Beetz) and DP come away unscathed as every other member meets their own disastrous[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 Cards Homage Rob Liefeld X-Force #1
The art by Kris Anka revealed today is a clear homage to Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza's X-Force #1 The cards are evenly intermixed just like they were back in 1991, meaning if you want a complete set of trading cards you'll need to pick up 10 copies… or 11 if you want a copy[...]
Kid Omega has a bright outlook on the future of Krakoa in this preview of X-Force #29… even if it is for his own ends And even if it's doomed Check out the preview below. X-Force #29 by Benjamin Percy & Robert Gill, cover by Joshua Cassara THE LAST STAND…AGAINST KRAKOA, THE ISLAND THAT KILLS LIKE A MAN![...]
Entire Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #16 Artwork To Go For Over A Million
As part of a massive auction of premium comic books and original artwork at Heritage Auctions, the entirety of the original artwork – that which is available – for Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man #16, the sideways issue that crossed over with Rob Liefeld's X-Force #4, is up for auction, from the cover to the final double-page[...]
Hope Summers - Messia Or Monster In Immortal X-Men #2 (Spoilers
But… there have been complications. New Mutants #25 When you die in Hell, where do you go? Apparently, just like Otherworld, you might resurrect wrong, so wait till you get home to die if you can… X-Force #28 Quentin Quite, Kid Omega, has been experimenting with The Five, esurrecting mutants without brains (no, not Toad) for Quentin Quire to[...]
Professor Xavier's Inventions Are A Real Problem On Krakoa
Instead, pretty much everything today that is an issue, is of Professor Xavier's own inventions turning against the mutants of Krakoa. In Wolverine #21, a frustrated Deadpool is trying to get in with Logan, over being hunted by Danger, Professor Xavier's Danger Room that gained sentience, after Xavier enslaved it for years and finally rebelled. While in[...]
Marvel Makes Luke Cage Mayor Of New York City For 50th Anniversary
Man, you wait four months for a new issue of X-Force from Marvel and then you get both X-Force #27 and the X-Force Annual on the same day And even though this will have been written months before – and printed a month before – the events seem ripped from this week's headlines Because Professor[...]
Witness the birth of X-Force's next villain in this preview of X-Force #27, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Is it all Wolverine's fault? Of course it is Oh my god! Is Cerebrax the mind of Wolverine's second dick trapped inside the Cerebro helmet?! Check out the preview below. X-Force #27 by Benjamin Percy & Robert Gill,[...]
When Sage notices The Beast is being more of a dick than usual in this preview of X-Force Annual #1, she does the only thing she can: rat him out! Will The Beast finally get what he deserves? Check out the preview below. X-Force Annual #1 by Nadia Shammas & Rafael Pimentel, cover by Taurin Clarke MISSION FOR[...]
Robert Gill Joins Ben Percy On X-Force for Destiny Of X
Robert Gill, best known for Old Man Quill, X-O Manowar, Grimm Fairy Tales, Iceman, Ivan Timewalker, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Kade, Book Of Death, Batgirl, Hulk, Harbinger, Imperium, Hulk and Britannia is returning to X-Force, for Destiny Of X, written by Benjamin Percy. Oh, and they will be fighting something called… Cerebrax Which really sounds as if[...]
Destiny Of X And Scarlet Witch Teasers In Today's X-Men Comics
RATED T+In Shops: Dec 22, 2021 SRP: $3.99 WOLVERINE #19 (MR) MARVEL COMICS OCT210892 (W) Ben Percy (A) Javi Fernandez (CA) Adam Kubert THE OLD MUTANT AND THE SEA! It's the one that got away…but not for long! The deadliest creature on Krakoa is off its shore, and the deadliest mutant there is will at last set out to hunt[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
Even though he first appeared in New Mutants, then X-Force, had a team-up book with Cable, had the X-Men turn up in his films, returned to X-Force before the Krakoan relaunch since then, and has made his way over to Krakoa a couple of times to cause a fuss. So it was natural that we might[...]
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
Marvel issued the following teasers for X-Force and Knights Of X as seen in yesterday's X-Force and Excalibur, with the confirmed creative teams First that "The Fate Of Otherworld is in danger in new Destiny Of X title Knights Of X! Writer Tini Howard and artist Bob Quinn begin a new quest of mutants and[...]
X-Force Excalibur Krakoa
Not like the Krakoans are doing much to help the Brexit allegory… Excalibur #26 And Professor X could never counter anything like terrorism, could he? Remind me of that other team he is running from Krakoa with a comic book also out today? X-Force #26 That's right, X-Force, the black ops mutant terrorist group working under his direct approval[...]