Jim Terry Talks Working With Tim Seeley On Alice Cooper Vs Chaos!

Dynamite's mini series Alice Cooper vs Chaos is chugging along with the final issue being solicited for January 2016. Byron Brewer caught up with writer Jim Terry to talk about the series and what he sees for after.

AliceChaos01CovFNYConBYRON BREWER: What is more difficult, Jim: Being writer or artist for all this craziness?

JIM TERRY: I'm not sure either has been difficult. As a matter of fact, it's all been a blast and hopefully the fun is contagious. Although in all fairness there are 20-odd characters, so giving everyone enough time has been the biggest challenge.

BB: Can you tell us a little about how you and co-writer Tim Seeley work together? What is the process?

JT: Tim and I usually have a brainstorming session, figure out the logistics and the main beats. Tim will send me a page breakdown and I'll start on the thumbs, then pencils and he polishes those off with dialogue. After all that, the ink flies.

BB: This is the penultimate issue of this book, coming out in January. At this point, can you say you did the story you and Tim started out to tell?

JT: I think we told the kind of story we wanted to tell. Does Alice get to kick some butt? Are there tons of creatures? Does it feel epic? I think we hit most of the goals we had going in.

BB: What was the greatest surprise in doing this mini?

 JT: Honestly, it was a surprise at how fun it was. Living in this insane universe for six months, where literally anything could happen, was a tremendously satisfying experience.

BB: What character (besides Alice, of course) would you maybe like to tackle in a solo book?

 JT: Trying to avoid any spoilers, I'd personally like to take a closer look at Chastity if the opportunity were there. I know I don't draw her as sexily as she probably deserves, but I see a lot of strength and character in her, which is always more interesting to me.

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