League Of Legends: Wild Rift Receives Its 2.5a Patch

Riot Games has released details for the next patch coming to League Of Legends: Wild Rift as 2.5a is making its way into the game. The crux of the update for hardcore fans is that they've essentially put a pause on balance updates as they are now prepping for the upcoming Horizon Cup. On top of that, they decided to add in a touch of Halloween to the mix as there are now several skins you can get your hands on to make things extra spooky in the game. The regular 2.5 patch already added in a ton of content, including the brand new legend you see below in Veigar: The Master Of Evil. Who honestly looks like an old-school wizard from Final Fantasy if they changed out the yellow and blue for all purple. Hopefully, this patch brings in some stability for the game as they make their way to the next esports event. You can read a little bit more about the patch below as we now see what they've got in store for 2.6 after Halloween is over.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift Receives Its 2.5a Patch
Credit: Riot Games

It's the spooooookiest season, but we brought backup. Caitlyn and Jayce are headed to Wild Rift to add some firepower from downtown—and you can give them a helping hand in the Hextech Heist h-event in a few days' time. We're taking a look at some of 2.5's most reliable champ picks and putting them back in line. We've also got some changes coming to the Last Whisper family of items, and buffing up some key Magic Resist mainstays. This patch marks the last major balance patch before the Horizon Cup, League Of Legends: Wild Rift's first international tournament! As such, we'll be keeping the game stable for the next few weeks in order to give our first crop of pros time to practice and prepare for the matches ahead.

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