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Valorant Revealed All-New California Map During VCT Finals
Riot Games revealed a brand new Valorant map this afternoon during the VCT Championship Finals, as players will be headed to California The new map is called Sunset and is based on a lot of the staples of Los Angeles culture (which we're going to argue about because there's not enough billboards in here for[...]
League Of Legends Releases Mid-Year Dev Update For 2023
Riot Games released a new developer update for League Of Legends this past week, going over what's happened and what's to come in 2023 First off, the main highlight of this is a video from the team, which we have for you down below, where they answer several questions about the new game mode Arena,[...]
League Of Legends: 2v2 Arena Mode
Riot Games had a bit of a surprise for League of Legends players this morning, as the team introduced a brand new 2v2 Arena mode coming in July This is an exciting new addition coming to the game that will essentially cut the game in half with some new mechanics and a more frantic pace[...]
Valorant Reveals Everything Left To Show Off For Episode 7
Before Riot Games launches Chapter 7 in Valorant this week, the developers released a new set of patch notes for Version 7.0 to let you know what's coming This is basically a rundown from the team about what they have in store for you that they didn't already cover or just a reminder that things[...]
Riot Games Reveals New Cross-Game Summer Event Called Soul Fighter
Riot Games has a massive event happening this summer in which they will have several games crossing over between each other in Soul Fighter For six weeks, the world of Runeterra will be thrown into utter chaos as you will see a ton of in-game content added to League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends: Wild[...]
Valorant Reveals Everything Left To Show Off For Episode 7
Riot Games took time over the weekend to release new information for Episode 7 of Valorant, as some new info dropped about their latest agent The team gave more info on how Deadlock will play, as they seem to be a little more well-rounded with some keen specialties Meanwhile, Act I  for Episode 7 will[...]
Secretlab Reveals Agent-Specific Valorant Gaming Chairs
Secretlab has revealed a new partnership with Riot Games as they have unveiled a new line of Valorant gaming chairs specific to agents in the game The team revealed two new editions of their Titan Evo in time for Episode 7 to drop in the game, as we're getting the Jett and Reyna Edition chairs[...]
Valorant Reveals New Details To Episode 7 Act I Update
Riot Games dropped a ton of new info on what they are adding and changing to Valorant when they launch Episode 7 – Act 1 on June 27th The big additions to the game include Team Deathmatch and the new in-game progression system First off, Team Deathmatch will be a new 5v5 game mode that throws[...]
Coca-Cola Creations & Riot Games Launch New XP Flavor
Coca-Cola announced this morning that they have launched a brand-new Creations flavor in partnership with Riot Games called Ultimate In a first-ever collaboration between the two companies, they have added League Of Legends branding to the design of the bottles and cans of this new flavor, hitting store shelves starting today The design is a[...]
Valorant Releases New 6.10 Update This Morning
Riot Games has released the latest patch notes for the next update to Valorant, as the team released version 6.10 early this morning Some of the new improvements to the game include a new Spray Wheel, a Collections Rework, several Spray Equip Flow Improvements, and more You can read the full patch notes from the devs[...]
League Of Legends: Wild Rift Releases Patch 4.2 Today
Riot Games have released new details on the latest update for League Of Legends: Wild Rift today, as players can download Patch 4.2 in a few weeks Being called "The Playhem," this patch introduces several new additions to the game, as well as a bevy of content to keep you busy in the game for[...]
Valorant Reveals More Details About Episode 6 - Act III
Riot Games released new details this morning for the upcoming update to Valorant, as we get more info on Episode 6 – Act III According to the team, the act will conclude with the lauinch of Gekko from the last episode, as they continue to provide interesting additions to the game to add more chaos[...]
Valorant Unveils New Radiant Entertainment System Skinline
Riot Games revealed some new additions coming to Valorant shortly, with the new Radiant Entertainment System skinline This is a new set of weapons on the way to the Premier launch, all of which will come with an array of features, including custom finishers kill banners, music track, firing audio, visual effects, transformations, and more[...]
Riot Games Reveals 2023 League Of Legends EMEA Championship
Riot Games released new details this morning for the upcoming 2023 League Of Legends EMEA Championship, taking place this September The event is set to take place from September 8th-10th at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier, France Marking the culmination of a championship run for several teams as they crown a 2023 champion[...]
Valorant Reveals New Details For Premier Global Open Beta
Riot Games have revealed new details to the Valorant global open beta that they'll be holding for the Premier, taking place later this month This morning they revealed that the btea will launch on April 25th, and in order to take part in this, you will need to meet three specific qualifications Those being SMS[...]
Valorant Drops New Milti-Aspect Update For April 2023
Riot Games has dropped a new update this morning for Valorant, as players can update the game to Patch 6.07 right now The update has added some updates to a few characters, specifically on Sova, who primarily has changed to the Recon Bolt They've also added bug fixes, a punishment for being AFK or Dodging,[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Releases New Update For March 2023
Coming in at the end of the month, Riot Games has officially released a fresh new update for Legends of Runeterra, with a ton of new content Patch 4.3.0, also known as Glory in Navori, will bring in three new characters to the mix, as well as a brand new game mode, a rotation for[...]
Valorant Debuts New Agent & Announces 2023 VCT Champions Location
Riot Games revealed a couple of awesome items over the weekend for Valorant, as players are getting a new agent, and a major esports event is confirmed First off, the 22nd agent to be added to the game is called Gekko, a Los Angeles native who has a knack for getting both in and out[...]
League Of Legends: Wild Rift Releases Patch 4.1: High Five
Riot Games has released a brand new patch for League Of Legends: Wild Rift, as 4.1: High Five makes its way into the game The patch will go live on March 16th, 2023, and will bring with it minor changes to two characters, a new Wild Pass, new items, quality of life improvements, and more[...]
Valorant Drops new Update With Agent Changes & Bug Fixes
Riot Games dropped a new update into Valorant this morning, which offers changes to a few agents and modes in the game The big changes come to two agents as Killjoy and Raze get some balancing and adjustments, while the rest are basically tweaks and bug fixes to the game We got the full list[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Announces Competitive Rework For 2023
Riot Games continues its run of announcements for Legends Of Runeterra for 2023, as the game will get a competitive rework The team has emphasized that they recognize how integral competitive gameplay has been to the game, so they are now pushing to have what they refer to as "a more rewarding experience for players[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Reveals New Details For 2023 Roadmap
Riot Games dropped new info about what's to come for Legends Of Runeterra as we got a look at the 2023 roadmap The team is looking to change things up this year, and the biggest change of them all is a brand new quarterly release schedule that will come in three phases each quarter Those[...]
LEC 2023 Season Finals Set To Be Held In Montpellier
We have a couple of quotes about the announcement below. Credit: League of Legends EMEA Championship "The LEC Season Finals is the biggest event in the Riot Esports EMEA calendar year and a celebration of the LEC season, providing LoL Esports fans with the opportunity to come together and watch EMEA's best players make history," said Alberto[...]
Valorant Drops New Patch With All Sorts Of Content
Riot Games revealed all of their latest additions to Valorant as the company dropped the 6.00 Patch this past week Chief on the list of new additions is the latest map, Lotus, which will bring about a new 3-site system with several rotation options It's only in Swiftplay mode for now until the company releases[...]
Auto Draft
Xbox will be giving a few new benefits to Xbox Game Pass players who play certain Riot Games titles, which will kick off on December 12th The company revealed their plans on Xbox Wire that every game currently in use through their system will be given some added bonuses when you link your Riot account[...]