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Nerd Street Gamers Announces Valorant Ignition Event

Nerd Street Gamers Announces Valorant Showdown Event

We have a few quotes from those involved below, and you can read more about it and register here.[caption id="attachment_1224460" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Valorant Showdown kicks off on June 20th, courtesy of Nerd Street Games.[/caption]“We’re thrilled to partner with Nerd Street Gamers to bring Riot’s first Valorant Ignition Series event to North America,” said Joe[...]

Riot Games Throws Shade At Blizzard With "Teamfight Tactics" News

Riot Games Executive Resigns After George Floyd Comments

Last week, a Riot Games executive officially resigned from the company after being placed on leave over comments he made about George Floyd If you're not familiar with the story, last week the now-former Global Head of Consumer Products, Ron Johnson, posted a now-deleted Facebook post about Floyd and the media's coverage of his death[...]

Riot Games Sues Riot Squad For Trademark Infringement

Riot Games Puts An Executive On Leave Over George Floyd Comment

Riot Games has placed one of their staff on leave after coming under fire from a post they made online about George Floyd The story originated from Vice who picked up a now-deleted Facebook post from Ron Johnson, who if you're not familiar with him, is the Global Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games[...]

Riot Games Forms New Partnership With The Crisis Text Line

Riot Games Forms New Partnership With The Crisis Text Line

This morning, Riot Games announced they had formed a new partnership with the digital mental health service the Crisis Text Line Through this new partnership, players can text the word RIOT to 741741 to be connected with a trained Crisis Counselor The partnership comes after Riot polled their own playerbase and found that "good health[...]

Valorant Dual Pose

Valorant Is Currently Being Tested For Consoles By Riot Games

Some good news for console players as Riot Games is apparently in the process of testing Valorant for release on console The news comes from GameSpot who posted snippets of an interview with Anna Donlon, the game's Executive Producer, about their plans to get the game onto the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One It seems testing[...]

Riot Games Has Officially Launched Valorant Today

This morning, Riot Games officially launched Valorant for everyone to play for free, along with a brand new trailer for the game The much talked about 5v5 first-person tactical shooter has been all the rage on Twitch the last couple months as players have been beta testing the game with audiences watching it in droves[...]

Riot Games Quietly Reveals A "Valorant" Gameplay Video

Riot Games Shows Off A New Map For Valorant's Launch

As Riot Games prepares to release Valorant onto the public, the devs have revealed a brand new map on the way The map is being called Ascent, and as you can see has a lot more complexity to it than the one players have been using in the testing phase Just looking at the map[...]

Riot Games Updates Their Figures From Valorant's Closed Beta

This morning, Riot Games announced updated figures from the recently ended closed beta period for Valorant According to their info, over the course of the game’s two-month beta period, an average of nearly three million players logged on daily Those who couldn't play watched on several social gaming platforms, watching a total of more than[...]

Riot Games Quietly Reveals A "Valorant" Gameplay Video

Valorant Gets An Official Release Date For June 2nd, 2020

Riot Games dropped a nice little bombshell on everyone today as they revealed that Valorant will be released on June 2nd, 2020 The news came down this morning on Twitter as Executive Producer Anna Donlon and Game Director Joe Zeigler started talking to fans in a video shot from their respective homes In what started[...]

League Of Legends European Championship Returns June 12th

Riot Games announced today that the League Of Legends European Championship (LEC) Summer Season will kick off on Friday, June 13th This exciting announcement will feature two super weeks -- Week 1 and Week 8, where games will be played from Friday through Sunday The LEC will also have two one-week breaks after the first[...]

Valorant Dual Pose

Riot Games Pledges To Curb Valorant Harassment After Dev Post

Riot Aeneia, who is part of the Insights & Strategy team at Riot Games, specifically for Valorant, chimed in with her own experiences Which included a guy proposing to her. of this caused Anna Donlon to respond to what was going on with her own post[...]


Riot Games & Red Bull Announce A League Of Legends Gaming Series

Riot Games and Red Bull came together to announce they are launching a new League Of Legends esports gaming series The Red Bull Power Spike will kick off next week, in partnership with tournament platform Battlefy All members of the official League of Legends Discord channel in the United States can participate in daily 1-v-1 tournaments,[...]

League of Legends Esports MSI 2020

Riot Games Cancels The League Of Legends Esports MSI 2020

Big news from Riot Games this week as the company has officially canceled the League of Legends Esports MSI 2020 The company made the announcement yesterday in a blog post, citing the continuing health concerns currently happening around the world as the reason for the cancelation But also saying the company would be looking into[...]

ESPN Valorant Invitational

ESPN Will Host The Valorant Invitational On April 20th

The announcement was made on ESPN Esports' Twitter account, in what's being called "the most ambitious crossover in esports history." Considering the game is still in open beta and Riot Games hasn't set up any kind of esports system for the game, you may be wondering how this is already happening The parties involved will[...]

Riot Games Quietly Reveals A "Valorant" Gameplay Video

Riot Games Is Offering A Bounty To Find Exploits In Valorant

If you can find a way to hack into Valorant or find any kind of exploit in the game, the folks at Riot Games are willing to pay a bounty The company has already been testing a lot of things out with its current open beta, most notably the anti-cheating system Which we hilariously got[...]

Riot Games Hypixel Studios

Hypixel Studios Acquired By Riot Games, Just In Time For Hytale

This morning Riot Games announced their latest acquisition -- Hypixel Studios Hypixel is currently developing Hytale, a block game that features the depth of a role-playing game and the scope of a sandbox game The beta for Hytale already boasts 2.5 million signups, alongside 55+ million views on the Hytale trailer The game should be[...]

Northern League Of Legends Championship Breakdown

DreamHack Launches Northern League Of Legends Championship

DreamHack announced they will be launching the new Northern League Of Legends Championship (NLC) along with Riot Games The league will operate out of Europe, supported by a new competitive ecosystem in Telia Esports Series TES is expanding from Finland to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, which features national leagues and DreamHack-operated UKLC in the UK[...]

Riot Games Quietly Reveals A "Valorant" Gameplay Video

Watch A Valorant Cheater Get Banned During A Livestream

In case anyone had any question as to whether or not Riot Games would tolerate cheaters in Valorant, we have an answer The company caught a lot of people's attention with their new free-to-play 5-v-5 multiplayer first-person shooter, and have been running a beta for the game in recent weeks to test out the bugs[...]

Valorant Closed Beta Art

The Valorant Closed Beta Sets New Twitch Viewership Record

Riot Games has a little to celebrate this week when it comes to Valorant as the game has set some new records for itself during the closed beta According to Riot Games, their first-person tactical shooter broke Twitch’s single-day hours watched record in a single game category This was accomplished within the first hours of[...]

The LCK is the official League Of Legends organization for South Korea.

Riot Games Korea Moves League Of Legends LCK To Franchise System

Starting in 2021, Riot Games Korea will move the League of Legends Champions Korea to a franchising system This follows in the footsteps of the LCS, LPL, and LEC According to Riot, this is being done in an effort to get players, fans, and teams to forge long-lasting relationships This Long-term partnership hopes to create[...]