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Secretlab Partners With Riot Games On League Of Legends Ruination Chairs
Secretlab revealed they have partnered with Riot Games once again to release a new line of League Of Legends Ruination gaming chairs The three chairs all have their own specific theme from the game as you're getting a Miss Fortune edition, a Viego edition, and a Pyke edition Each of them, as you can see[...]
Riot Games Planning To Bring Valorant To Mobile Devices
Riot Games is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Valorant by revealing that the game will be coming to mobile devices soon The company made the announcement, albeit briefly, in their celebration of the game reaching one year with a successful esports platform and playerbase to back it up Eventually when it releases it will be[...]
Riot Games Announces Global Wild Rift 2021 Esports Tournament
League Of Legends: Wild Rift fans will be happy to hear that Riot Games is launching a 2021 global esports tournament for the game During a virtual preview event, the company revealed their plans on the eve of the League Of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, noting that Regional competitions have already started around the world Specifically,[...]
Arcane: Netflix teases League of Legends Animated Series This Fall
Netflix and Riot Games are producing the first League of Legends television adaptation with the animated event series Arcane, set to premiere on Netflix worldwide in Fall 2021 Arcane marks Riot Games' first series for television Set in Riot's massively popular "League of Legends" universe, Arcane is an animated series developed and produced by Riot Games[...]
Valorant Is Now Recording Voice Chat For Offensive Behavior
That's right, in case you happen to be racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and just a terrible person in general, Riot Games will now have your comments, on record, for them to listen to and officially ban you The move comes from the company updating the game's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which was done so[...]
ESL & T2M Announce New League Of Legends Partnership
Riot Games has brought League of Legends: Wild Rift to North American players via its Open Beta and is available now on Android and iOS devices Today's announcement marks the beginning of a working relationship between T2M and ESL that aims to generate more sponsorship opportunities. ESL and T2M, the creator of the Rotor Riot mobile controller, announced a[...]
League of Legends: Wild Rift
Riot Games announced this morning that they will be holding an open beta this month for League Of Legends: Wild Rift According to the team, the beta will go live on March 29th on the App Store and Google Play for all North American players, who will have full access to the game while the[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Reveals More For Empires Of The Ascended
Riot Games has revealed more info about the next Legends Of Runeterra expansion on the way, Empires Of The Ascended Over the past several days the team has slowly been revealing new cards and Champions to paint a picture of how all of this will play out We had an opportunity to go in with[...]
League Of Legends & Valorant's Next Events Head To Reykjavik In May
Riot Games revealed today that both the League Of Legends' MSI and Valorant's Stage 2 Masters live events are headed to Iceland This is the first time both competitions will head to Iceland as they will be held in the city of Reykjavik The MSI, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic, will[...]
Riot Games Reveals Details On Valorant's Next Agent Astra
You have to switch into an astral form that takes you above the map, which you will see as a grid but you can't see where anyone is, and you throw them down into whatever area you want around the place. A look at Astra in all her glory before she jumps into Valorant, courtesy of[...]
Valorant Esports Reveals All-Women Game Changers Program
We have a couple of quotes about the program from Riot Games about the new program as well. VCT Game Changers will be running over the course of 2021, courtesy of Riot Games. VCT Game Changers Series: A set of top-tier competitions that will take place in multiple regions around the world during 2021 and will be[...]
Riot Games Reveals Legends Of Runeterra: Empires Of The Ascended
Riot Games revealed a new expansion is on the way for Legends Of Runeterra as players will soon experience Empires Of The Ascended According to the reveal, this is going to be the largest expansion to come to the game since its launch, bringing with it over 100 new cards that will radically change how[...]
Riot Games' Next Valorant Update Will Target AFK Players
Riot Games looks to be cleaning house in Valorant in a few different ways as the next update is going to clear out AFK players The team posted a new set of patch notes that will come with Patch 2.04, in which they will be going after a few different types of player offenses The[...]
League Of Legends Partners With Buffalo Wild Wings For LCS Promo
Riot Games and Buffalo Wild Wings have partnered up for a special League Of Legends promotion during the LCS It's a rather odd promotion we're looking at because when I think of specialty items in food when it comes to esports, BWW isn't exactly the first place that jumps to mind But as you can[...]
Legends Of Runeterra
Riot Games dropped a new expansion into Legends Of Runeterra this week as players can now experience Cosmic Creation The new expansion was dropped into the game on December 16th, and with it came a ton of content including 40 new collectible cards As well as three new Champions, a new Keyword, card customization options,[...]