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Hasbro Debuts League of Legends Jinx Fishbones NERF Blaster
The Netflix series Arcane really put some spotlight back on the popular PC game League of Legends Even though the game is nothing like the show, it was a new way to explore the game's lore and characters in an incredible way From all of the stars, Jinx really stole the show, from her relationship[...]
Arcane: Bridging The Rift
But Netflix & League of Legends Arcane went one step further, walking away with the Emmy Award during the Creative Arts Emmys ceremony Now, nearly two months later and with production on the second season underway, the Arcane team is honoring the one-year anniversary of the hit animated series with a message to the fans: Image:[...]
Lexis & Riot Games Partner On League Of Legends Worlds Global Watch
Lexis Partners and Riot Games announced they have partnered up to bring the League Of Legends Worlds Finals to global theaters Lexis will present the final day on Saturday, November 5th, across multiple cinemas around the world so players and fans can come together and have a shared experience together as if they were in[...]
Red Bull Solo Q 2022 World Final Dates Announced
The official 1v1 League of Legends tournament will happen in New York from October 14th-16th, as the top players around the globe will compete against each other for a shot at the prize pool You can find out more about the event down below as we now wait to see who will all be involved[...]
Lil Nas X Is Now The Official President Of League Of Legends
Some cool news this morning for League Of Legends fans as Lil Nas X will be performing at the 2022 World Championship In a parody announcement claiming he had taken over LoL as the game's president, it was revealed he will be performing his latest song, "STAR WALKIN", at the event, as the song will[...]
League Of Legends: Wild Rift Releases Patch 3.3
Riot Games has released a massive new update for League Of Legends: Wild Rift as players can now download Patch 3.3 today The patch is being called "Shining Bright" and comes with a host of additions including a few new champions, a beefy update to Ranked & Elemental Rift, as well as new events that[...]
G4 & LCS To Launch Weekly Esports Series Called G4 Gameday LCS
G4 has partnered up with the League of Legends Championship Series to launch a new weekly esports show called G4 GameDay LCS In what feels like a great first step toward having more original programming throughout the week, the show is being set up to be a weekly hour-long SportsCenter-like program, in which the team[...]
Wisdom Gaming & Riot Games To Host WNS Regional Championship
Wisdom Gaming and Riot Games have partnered in a new League Of Legends: Wild Rift tourney with the WNS Regional Championship The conclusion of WNS Season 1 will take place at the Mall Of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and will be taking place from April 29th through May 1st The event will be broadcast live[...]
Red Bull Solo Q Returns For 2022 1-V-1 Tournament
Red Bull announced today they are bringing back the Red Bull Solo Q event once more for 1-v-1 League Of Legends battles The company has had major success with these tournaments throughout the pandemic, so of course, they're going to bring them back No official dates have been set for the tournaments to kick off,[...]
Vi From League Of Legends & Arcane Unleashes Arrives In Fortnite
The latest character addition to Fortnite comes from Riot Games as Vi from both Arcane and League Of Legends makes their way to the game The team originally worked with Riot to bring over Jinx a short time ago to become part of the ever-growing roster of IPs you can purchase in their shop, and[...]
League Of Legends: Wild Rift Reveals Patch 3.0 Details
Riot Games has released the latest details for Patch 3.0 coming to League Of Legends: Wild Rift, as Sett will be joining as the latest champion The big additions, beyond the new champion, are the testing of voice chat coming back to the game, Guild Vs Guild Season 2, the Lunar New Year map, the[...]
PureArts Debuts Limited Edition League of Legends Arcane Statue
League of Legends: Arcane was a truly incredible show that told a breathtaking story and did not have to be for fans of the game The show told the story of two sisters, Powder and Vi, and the adventures they get into and how it changes their lives forever A sisterly bond is the essence[...]
Mads "Viggomopsen" Mikkelsen Wins Red Bull Solo Q 2021
Over the weekend, Red Bull held their League Of Legends Solo Q 2021 event, and at the end of the night, Mads "Viggomopsen" Mikkelsen won it all He managed to snag victory away from Lithuanian ​​Arnas "arnax" Stepanauskas in what was essentially a knock-down-drag-out fight between the two We have the full recap from the[...]
Secretlab Reveals Three New League Of Legends Lumbar Pillows
Secretlab revealed a brand new item this week in partnership with Riot Games as they now have three League Of Legends lumbar pillows Those of you looking for a little extra back support while sitting in a gaming chair have an option that looks like one of three characters from the game Specifically, you get[...]
Riot Forge Reveals Several New Releases On The Way
This past week, Riot Forge revealed several new games on the way, all of which are based in the League Of Legends universe Along with projects that had already been announced and are on the way, we got a look at new projects coming as well as teases for a forthcoming game that takes place[...]
League of Legends Miss Fortune Comes to Good Smile Company
Good Smile Company has revealed another League of Legends Nendoroid figure is on the way with the arrival of Miss Fortuna Not only is Sarah Fortune famed for her beauty, but her ruthless nature keeps her a deadly and feared bounty hunter Her painful past is what makes League of Legends Miss Fortuna really stands[...]
Arcane: Act 2 Has Too Much Happening and Yet Not Enough
NETFLIX © 2021 If you know the League of Legends game, Arcane so far is a lot of wheel-spinning for an origin story that's telling where its main characters are going to end up, which is as the distinct player characters It's still better-written than any other video game spinoff or adaptation since there's a strong[...]
Arcane: League of Legends Animated Series is a Labour of Love
Arcane, the new animated fantasy series adapted from the world of the League of Legends MOBA game, is an animated series on Netflix that goes above and beyond what you expect from the usual YA tropes and becomes something deeper and more poignant The tragedy that plays out in the first 3 episodes that sets[...]
Secretlab Reveals New League Of Legends Jinx Edition Gaming Chair
Secretlab and Riot Games have partnered up again for a special League Of Legends gaming chair, this time with a special Jinx Edition As part of the release of the brand new Arcane series based on the game, the character Jinx is getting their own special branded chair with highlights and artwork in her colors[...]
EDward Gaming Takes League Of Legends 2021 World Championship
The League Of Legends 2021 World Championship took place this weekend and in the end, EDward Gaming took top honors! The China-based team went head-to-head against one of the most heavily-favored teams in the entire series, South Korea's Damwon Kia EDG took the first point early on in a grueling first battle while the two[...]
Arcane: Netflix Releases Final Poster, Trailer Ahead of Premiere
It also promises to fill in the lore of the world of League of Legends At the heart of the series are two orphan sisters at the lower rungs of a society who raise to become fighters to take on the upper echelons of the social structure Class warfare is the name of the day[...]
PUBG Mobile & League Of Legends Come Together For Special Collab
Tencent Games and Riot Games have come together to throw a special PUBG Mobile crossover event involving League Of Legends This new partnership will bring in several characters, items, and locations from the game's upcoming Arcane series into the mobile battle royale title The first of these new updates will start being released in mid-November[...]
League Of Legends: Wild Rift Receives Its 2.5a Patch
Riot Games has released details for the next patch coming to League Of Legends: Wild Rift as 2.5a is making its way into the game The crux of the update for hardcore fans is that they've essentially put a pause on balance updates as they are now prepping for the upcoming Horizon Cup On top[...]
Auto Draft
Riot Games had something new and shiny to show off today for League Of Legends as they revealed the 2021 World Champion rings But these aren't any old rings that were thrown together by a jeweler, these were done as part of the partnership Riot currently has with Mercedes-Benz as they went out of their[...]
We Take a Look At Spinmaster’s New League of Legends 5-Pack
League of Legends is one of those games that has always been popular among PC gamers and is now really starting to be explored with a new comic, animated film, and even some action figures The newest set of League of Legends collectibles comes to us from Spinmaster as they revealed some Target Exclusive figures[...]
Riot Games Announces Naz Aletaha As New Global Head Of LoL Esports
This week, Riot Games announced they have appointed a new Global Head of League of Legends Esports with Naz Aletaha Her full title is Head of Global Esports Partnerships and Business Development, which puts her in the most executive senior role in the division According to the announcement, she will be taking on a ton[...]
Arcane: League Of Legends Netflix Series Gets A Trailer & A Date
The show will premiere on Tencent video in China and Netflix globally just hours after the League of Legends Worlds Final The show is structured into three distinct acts with three episodes per act The first three episodes focus on the very beginnings of the two sisters, Jinx and Vi, and will launch on November[...]
Arcane Character Posters Unveiled by Riot Games and Netflix
Arcane is the upcoming CGI animated fantasy set in the world of Riot Games' League of Legends game The series is due to premiere this Autumn Riot Games and Netflix released 8 posters of the main characters who will be featured in the show ahead of the official trailer this Saturday Under the mantra "True[...]
Riot Games Announces First-Ever Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Riot Games announced they have a new League Of Legends esports event coming as the Wild Rift Horizon Cup will happen in November The company decided to do this one in style and will apparently be holding an in-person event in Singapore to celebrate the end of the 2021 preseason The goal of this tournament[...]