Marilyn Manson Guitarist Making #DCMetal Soundtrack For DC Comics

DC super-mega-crossover event Dark Nights: Metal is getting its own soundtrack! And we're not just talking about a Spotify playlist. Marilyn Manson's lead guitarist Tyler Bates is producing the six-track EP along with Warner Bros. Records exec Mike Elizondo, as announced in a DC press release.

Marilyn Manson Guitarist Making #DCMetal Soundtrack For DC Comics

"As both a musician and fan of heavy metal music, having a soundtrack for DARK NIGHTS: METAL is pretty awesome," said Greg Capullo, who shreds a little bit himself, in the press release. "I really like the concept of having hard-driving, heavy music as a complement to the incredible story that Scott and I are telling."

"I'm really honored by this," added Scott Snyder. "So many of the Batman stories that Greg and I have worked on together have been fueled or influenced by music that inspired us; this story in particular has rock and metal music as the engine driving it all. To have something like this come together is a huge thrill."

That's fine guys, but don't go climbing on any props at comic con, okay?

No word on the soundtrack's release date yet, but your best bet is to not read any of your Metal comics until it comes out so you can experience them properly.

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