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I Wanna Rock: The '80s Metal Dream
I Wanna Rock: The 80's Metal Dream is a new three-part docuseries series coming to Paramount+ The three-part series debuts on July 18th, following members of the bands Skid Row, Winger, Twisted Sister, Vixen, and The Scream – and the fame, success, pitfalls, and more about the 80's rock scene I am sure the episodes[...]
Preview of Cradle of Filth #5, by Kurt Amacker, Holly Interlandi, menton3, and Daniel Maine, in stores November 16th from Opus Comics
Cradle of Filth #5 explores the legend of Lilith in November in a comic book interpretation of the legendary metal band's Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa album The issue is hitting final order cutoff on Monday (tomorrow), so you'll want to get your orders now or you'll be like Lilith in the preview, crawling around the[...]
Anvil: the Story of Anvil Shines a Light on Metal 13 Years Later
What band was the most influential in establishing the sound of metal when the genre emerged and found its audience back in the early 1980s? If you know it's Canadian metal band Anvil, more specifically their 1982 album Metal on Metal (which turns 40 this year), there's a strong chance this documentary is right up[...]
Dark Nights: Metal Omnibus
But the question asked across the boards is, will DC ever publish a Dark Metal Omnibus? Reddit is full of people asking An Italian company RW Lion did publish one – but that was in Italian What about in English? The answer, in January 2023… is yes All 744 pages of it. Dark Nights: Metal Omnibus [...]
DC Comics Puts Doomsday Clock and Metal In Absolute Format
And in 2022, DC Comics is adding Doomsday Clock and Dark Nights: Metal to that list – as well as an exclusive and twice-the-price edition for the latter as well. Absolute Doomsday Clock Geoff Johns, Gary Frank 14 June 2022 496 pages NOTHING EVER REALLY ENDS The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in a story that[...]
Kissing Candice Releases Music Video For "Brand New Low" Single
Experimental metal band Kissing Candice has teamed up with rapper Jamie Madrox of rap duo Twiztid to create their latest single, "Brand New Low," and the music video that they produced alongside the single The sound that results from this collaboration is heavy, mechanical (in the best ways), and quite cool. The single cover for experimental metal band[...]
Gemini Syndrome Announces New Album: "3rd Degree - The Raising"
Los Angeles, California-based alternative metal band Gemini Syndrome has announced the release of their next studio album, 3rd Degree – The Raising The album is slated to come out on October 15th of this year and will be their third album and the last in their debut trilogy, with the first being Lux and the second[...]
Negative Sixxx's Single "Thrive" Is Strong And Sufficiently Heavy
California-based metal band Negative Sixxx has just recently released a new single, "Thrive," and a new music video accompanies the release The single and its video deal with themes of surviving amid conditions of extreme adversity and succeeding against such tall odds. A promotional glamour shot of California-based rock band Negative Sixxx Their latest single, "Thrive," was[...]
The End Of Melancholy Releases Video For "Immigrant Song" Cover
Russia-based goth-metal band, The End Of Melancholy, has released the music video for their cover of famed rock band Led Zeppelin's iconic "Immigrant Song." This cover is a track on their latest album, Nature Unleashed, now available on Spotify and Bandcamp. A glamour shot of the Russian alt/metal goth band The End Of Melancholy[...]
Megadeth And Lamb Of God Soon To Kick Off 2021 North American Tour
Metal superbands Megadeth and Lamb of God will finally be touring North America starting next month! Joining them will be Hatebreed, who will be replacing In Flames, who will be missing out due to visa issues, as well as Trivium This tour marks Megadeth's first tour since prior to 2017. The tour dates for the 2021 North American tour[...]
Midhaven Releases New Album: Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt
Indian metal trio Midhaven has released their latest concept album, Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt This album deals with the idea of universal, cyclical time and how events within the time-space continuum continue to happen to us repeatedly Of The Lotus & The Thunderbolt was released on July 8th of this year. The cover art for[...]
Lost Symphony Honors Guitarist Oli Herbert With "My Last Goodbye"
Classical metal band Lost Symphony has put out a music video for their song "My Last Goodbye," featuring one of the final solos by late guitarist Oli Herbert of All That Remains fame Herbert was a chief collaborator with Lost Symphony He tragically passed away at the age of 44 in October of 2018. The cover art for[...]
Metal Band Once Human Previews Upcoming Album With All-New Single
Once Human, the Los Angeles-based metal quintet known for their debut album The Life I Remember and their following conceptual album Evolution, has been spending the last year stuck in lockdown, refining their musical stylings This evening, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, they will be releasing a new single for their upcoming third album Scar Weaver,[...]
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN / USA - March 9, 2019: KISS performs live at Van Andel Arena (Tony Norkus /
They won several Metal Edge Readers' Choice Awards, maintained one of the most dedicated fan bases in music, and exceeded 75 million record sales They also remained a cultural phenomenon with merchandising and relevance in pop culture with comics, film, and television. A&E is asking viewers to strutter over to their latest two-part documentary on[...]
Batman: Hush, Flashpoint Go Dark Multiverse – Bryan Hitch, Dexter Soy
Bleeding Cool mentioned the other day that Bryan Hitch was working on a Death Metal one-shot Because he said he was Turns out it is Death Metal-adjacent, one of a new series of Tales From The Dark Multiverse series, taking a classic DC Comics story and flipping it as a darker, sicker, parody of its[...]
Death Metal
Here are Ten Thoughts about Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, out this Tuesday or Wednesday, depending There are no serious spoilers here but there may be semi-spoilers Your mileage may vary of course But you might want to ease on caution, depending on your risk-aversity. 1 Sergeant Rock goes full blown American soldier closer to Hank[...]
Indie FPS Metal: Hellsinger Announced For Next-Gen Consoles - 2021
Indie game developer The Outsiders and publisher Funcom have collaborated to bring mortal consumers the upcoming music-driven first-person-shooter game Metal: Hellsinger! The game has just been announced and is set to release in 2021 for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Key art for Metal: Hellsinger, a music-driven indie FPS developed by[...]
So Scott Snyder, writer of Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 going to FOC today, went on a live Instagram stream about a month ago and talked a lot about Death Metal. The feed has gone but this mention of Speed Metal was snipped off and posted on social media. Scott Snyder states that the energy that Wally[...]
DC Collectibles NYCC Batman Rebirth Cowl
Below you will see the first two of their new line of 1:2 scale Batman cowls, four new DC Essentials figures, a Joker statue from Batman: White Knight, a Frank Cho Harley Quinn statue, and the second in the Dark Knights: Metal statue line, Batman The Merciless Check out the full details and pics below! You[...]
Dark Knights: Metal Statues on the Way From DC Collectibles
Dark Knights: Metal statues are coming in 2019 from DC Collectibles All seven Batman avatars are coming, including the ever-popular Batman Who Laughs Up first however will be Dawnbreaker, which will feature a swappable hand with or without a construct No word yet on which statue will come second, or if we will get action[...]
New Lieutenants of Metal #1 cover by Ulises Farinas
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Steppenwulf is a metalhead warrior who has put himself away in a mental health ward to control his rage and anger However, he has other places to be The New Lieutenants of Metal free him from the institute, as well as the other metalheads within, to help in their battle against a pair of[...]
Ghost Prequelle Cover
That is where we are at with Ghost and their new album Prequelle, available today. The Swedish satanic pop-metal band's forth album features all of the hallmarks of their other three albums: Crunching guitars Deep bass Steady and thrashing drums And the vocal stylings of their leader that should not match up right with this rhythm[...]