Wally, Barry and Jay to Appear in Death Metal Spinoff, Speed Metal

So Scott Snyder, writer of Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 going to FOC today, went on a live Instagram stream about a month ago and talked a lot about Death Metal. The feed has gone but this mention of Speed Metal was snipped off and posted on social media.Scott Snyder states that the energy that Wally[...]

DC Collectibles NYCC Batman Rebirth Cowl

DC Collectibles Brings New Batman Cowls, Figures, More to NYCC

Below you will see the first two of their new line of 1:2 scale Batman cowls, four new DC Essentials figures, a Joker statue from Batman: White Knight, a Frank Cho Harley Quinn statue, and the second in the Dark Knights: Metal statue line, Batman The Merciless Check out the full details and pics below! You[...]

Dark Knights: Metal Statues on the Way From DC Collectibles

Dark Knights: Metal statues are coming in 2019 from DC Collectibles All seven Batman avatars are coming, including the ever-popular Batman Who Laughs Up first however will be Dawnbreaker, which will feature a swappable hand with or without a construct No word yet on which statue will come second, or if we will get action[...]

New Lieutenants of Metal #1 cover by Ulises Farinas

New Lieutenants of Metal #1 Review: Saving the World with Rock 'n' Roll

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Steppenwulf is a metalhead warrior who has put himself away in a mental health ward to control his rage and anger However, he has other places to be The New Lieutenants of Metal free him from the institute, as well as the other metalheads within, to help in their battle against a pair of[...]

Ghost Prequelle Cover

Ghost 'Prequelle' Album Review: When a Band Makes The Leap

That is where we are at with Ghost and their new album Prequelle, available today.The Swedish satanic pop-metal band's forth album features all of the hallmarks of their other three albums: Crunching guitars Deep bass Steady and thrashing drums And the vocal stylings of their leader that should not match up right with this rhythm[...]

Justice League: No Justice #4 cover by Francis Manapul

Justice League: No Justice #4 Review – I Don't Know What Happened, But I Liked It

Can they arrive on Earth in time? What of Vril Dox?[caption id="attachment_857757" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Justice League: No Justice #4 cover by Francis Manapul[/caption]Like the ending to Dark Nights: Metal, the ending to Justice League: No Justice is a massive party with all your favorite DC characters that makes little coherent or flowing sense.I could break[...]

comics - Dark Nights: Metal #6 cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia

Dark Nights Metal #6 Review: A Guitar Solo Celebration of DC Comics

Diana and Kendra manage to use their metal to awaken the League, and they soon find the demonic Hawkman keeping the Forge of Worlds dark.Soon Cyborg and Flash return with help of their own, and Superman and Batman arrive with new weapons to ward off the dark However, Barbatos is far from beaten, and the[...]

Ozzy Osbourne FINAL TOUR

No More Tours 2: Ozzy Osbourne Announces Final Tour (Again)

Petersburg, Russia -  Ice Palace (Ledovi Dvorets) Wed 6/6 Finland - Rockfest Fri 6/8 Solvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival Sun 6/10 Donington, UK - Download Festival Wed 6/13 Prague, Czech Republic - Prague Rocks Festival, Airport Letnany Fri 6/15 Paris, France - Download Festival Sun 6/17 Italy - Firenze Rocks Festival Wed 6/20 Halden, Norway - Tons of Rock Festival Fri 6/22 Copenhagen, Denmark[...]

Avenged Sevenfold to Skip Grammys as Best Rock Song Award Will Be Non-Televised

Citing a lack of respect towards rock music by The Grammys, Shadows says that it would a "waste of time and money" for the band to make the trip.Avenged Sevenfold is nominated for Best Rock Song for "The Stage", the title track from the band's 2016 release and their first Grammy nomination. Metallica, Foo Fighters, K[...]

Dark Nights: Metal #4

Dark Nights: Metal #4 Review: The Story Broadens, but Reveals its Core

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Dark Nights: Metal #4 from DC Comics by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia, and Steve Wands brings the DC event back to its core story after a short break and a number of diverting tales expanding on the monsters now invading the DC Universe and the torture of Batman in the[...]

Batman: The Drowned #1 cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

Batman the Drowned #1: The Sea-Bat

She even managed to bring peace to her world, even if it is one soaked in blood.Aquaman and Mera are frighteningly outmatched by her, showing how hopeless the situation for the Justice League has become in Metal.Admittedly, the Drowned doesn't have as much going on as Dawnbreaker or the Murder Machine She isn't quite as[...]


'Dark Nights: Metal' #3 Review: Come On, Bring The Noise!

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Well, we have hit the mid-point of the main story of DC's major event, Dark Nights Metal, and Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia really hit their stride with the series and the stakes for the DC Universe.With Batman lost to the Dark Multiverse, and the Dark Knights wreaking havoc across[...]