Marvel Wouldn't Let Agent Coulson Be Bisexual?

I've recently been rewatching all the Marvel movies as my daughter Alice has suddenly got very interested in them, and she is binge-watching them like a TV show. I'm not sure if she expects another nineteen net season, but Marvel had better watch out if they don't. And watching it this way does let Agent Phil Coulson pop out as the major character of the movies – at least until Avengers. And while the TV shows may have continued the character, the movies have not acknowledged his survival past that because Marvel movies and TV don't talk anymore. And the TV has custody of Coulson.

The character, invented for the movies, was introduced to the comic books as 'Cheese', best friend of the son of Nick Fury, Nick Fury Jr, originally known as Marcus Johnson. And as his character was retrofitted into the Marvel Universe, he popped up in all manner of comics books – including the clandestine Secret Avengers series written, at the time, by Ales Kot., Who had some thwarted plans….

It is, after all, not too far a read from this.

Of course, this is just Ales' perspective… but it is the perspective of someone who wrote the character.

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