Marvel's Wal-Mart Exclusive Comics – Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians And Winter Soldier

Marvel's latest attempt to push their comic books into the mainstream, has seen Wal-Mart sell a series of exclusive trade paperbacks, geared to those familiar with the movies, all for $5 each. Their covers proclaim each is an "Exclusive Complete Graphic Novel" with a bonus free digital issue. One reader reports their placement on a standee beside copies of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy DVDs and Spider-Man animated DVDs.

Here's what awaits you…

Scan 2Scan 3

The Brian Bendis/John Romita Jr. relaunch of Avengers from 2011, a $20 book normally.

Scan 4 Scan 5

The Dan Slott/Humberto Ramos Amazing Spider-Man: Big Time story from 2011, a $15 book normally.

Scan 6 Scan 7

Last year's relaunch of Brian Bendis and Steve McNiven's Guardians Of The Galaxy, normally a $20 book.

ScanScan 1

And the classic Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting Captain America Winter Soldier story, normally a $25 book.

Our reader picked them all up for his nephews

But yes, no X-Men…

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