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LATE: Deadpool #4 Slips From February to March 2020

LATE: Deadpool #4 Slips From February to March 2020

We're used to the likes of Shazam, Doomsday Clock, Captain America, Batman Vs Ra's Al Ghul, Tony Stark: Iron Man and Fantastic Four being late. But Deadpool is a bit of a new one. Nevertheless that is what we have now, with Deadpool #4 by Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo, solicited for the 19th of […]

Daily Mail Runs a Story About Dan Slott's Tweets About the Joker Movie

Daily Mail Runs a Story About Dan Slott's Tweets About the Joker Movie

You wouldn't find it out of place to find a Bleeding Cool article about Dan Slott's tweets But it seems we were beaten by it by none other than the Daily Mail Who decided that his status as a Marvel Comics writer made his opinions about the Joker movie headline worthy for their readers.The paper[...]

Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Pete Woods Debut Iron Man 2020 with Arno Stark

Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Pete Woods Debut Iron Man 2020 with Arno Stark

We now know for sure that when Iron Man 2020 launches next year, from the creative team of Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Pete Woods, it will be Arno Stark as the lead character, as has been heavily foreshadowed.Thanks to years of compliance, Marvel slipped media partner Newsarama the solicit and cover before the show[...]

Now Christos Gage Joins Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man

Now Christos Gage Joins Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man

A few more changes between solicitation and publication for Marvel Comics.Tony Stark: Iron Man #17 was solicited as written by Dan Slott and Jim Zub, and drawn by Valerio Schiti. Well, Slott remains, but the rest are changed it is now co-written by Slott and Christos Gage, who has worked with Slott before on the Spider-Verse,[...]

The Fantastic Four's Spaceship to Be Named for the First Time (Spoilers)

The Fantastic Four's Rocketship to Be Named for the First Time (Spoilers)

But next month's Fantastic Four #14. FANTASTIC FOUR #14 (W) Dan Slott (A) Paco Medina (CA) Mike Deodato POINT OF ORIGIN begins! One of Reed Richards' biggest regrets leads to a voyage to the one place in the universe the Fantastic Four have never been. A bold new chapter into the heart (and the start) of the Marvel Universe..[...]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of the Week of August 8th, 2018: Let's Try This Again

Dan Slott impresses with a heartfelt script, and Sara Pichelli and Simone Bianchi both contribute some great visuals to the book.[caption id="attachment_899903" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Hawkman #3 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair[/caption]3 Hawkman #3Hawkman fights a T-Rex in this, then a swarm of avian humans in a battle that lasts literal hours[...]

Fantastic Four #1 cover by Esad Ribic

Fantastic Four #1 Review: Return of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine

Ben and Johnny fight, and it’s genuinely heartbreaking.I was… concerned when I heard that Dan Slott was going to be headlining the new Fantastic Four book This issue shows a lot of promise, though It shows an emotional maturity and an ability to write genuine characters that was missing from much of Amazing Spider-Man, Silver[...]

Fantastic Four #1

Dan Slott Doesn't Seem to Be Entirely Up on Fantastic Four #1's Variant Covers

Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool ran a collection of all of the Retailer Exclusive Variant covers we could, only for the writer of the Fantastic Four, Dan Slott himself, to drop into our comments to say:While, like with most books that have a #1, there will be many variant covers, Bleeding Cool has mistakenly included a[...]

Advance Review: Fantastic Four #1 – Managed Expectations [Spoilers]

Look what popped through the letterbox courtesy of Federal Express about an hour ago...Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli, and Marte Gracia -- with a letter asking me to talk about it Okay First, there are spoilers here Some spoilers, limited spoilers, what I see as managed expectations.Just as people going into Batman #50 and X-Men[...]

`Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 cover by Alexander Lozano

Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 Review – Flawed but Fun

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Sorry for the lateness of this review. San Diego Comic Con kept us here at Bleeding Cool preoccupied all weekend. We open with Colonel James Rhodes waking up from night terrors about his bad experiences in the War Machine armor. It's followed by the beginning of a new day at Stark Unlimited. Tony […]

Fantastic Four #1 preview

Fantastic Four #1 Has Orders of Over Fantastic 400,000

Well, at the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that they had hit over 400,000 orders for Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli.Which should keep Ike Perlmutter happy Or grumbling slightly less... #  FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (W) Dan Slott (A) Skottie Young, Simone Bianchi, Sara Pichelli (CA) Esad Ribic FOUREVER Part One BECAUSE[...]

Spider-Geddon revenge

Dan Slott Returns for Spider-Geddon in October, and He's Out for "Revenge"

Marvel revealed a bunch of details about the upcoming Spider-Geddon event in a press release today, and we'll just let the press release break the news: Spinning out of the pages of Spider-Man #800, Dan Slott’s epic conclusion to his ten year run delivers you straight into SPIDER-GEDDON #1, where Slott teams with writer Christos Gage[...]