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Conner Kent, Superboy, Gets A New Name In This Week's Titans United
When Brian Bendis took over writing Justice League, he replaced Wonder Woman in the team with another Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta, her mother And she is still the Wonder Woman in his ongoing Justice League series. And looks like she still has the position in this month's Justice League #71 as well. However in the upcoming Justice[...]
Superman Keeps The Titanic In His Fortress Of Solitude
And we get a list of important stuff revealed in today's Justice League #70 by Brian Bendis and Phil Hester, as the Fortress is stolen by the Royal Flush Gang. And it looks like Brian Bendis may have done his entire research for this page with a Screen Rant listicle by David Wharton Which lists every[...]
Brian Bendis Continues Superhero Pooping Obsession In Justice League #70
In Checkmate #4 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev we learned that Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, used to come to the Justice League Watchtower satellite orbital headquarters for one thing and one thing only. Checkmate #4 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev – DC Comics To relieve his bowels while looking at the Earth below him[...]
Omnibus: Spider-Verse/Spider-Geddon, Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 2, Serial
One Omnibus collecting all of the Dan Slott-written Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon storylines that informed the current No Way Home movie, as well as the Brian Bendis/Mark Bagley Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 2 which contained the Ultimate Sinister Six volume known as Ultimate Six, also in Omnibus format And the full Christopher Priest Black Panther run, most[...]
Who Will Take Over Brian Bendis' Justice League With #75 in April?
March will see Brian Bendis' final issue of the Justice League with a big extra-length special #74 Just in time for a new fresh face to come along with a big extra-length special Justice League #75. Who Will Take Over Brian Bendis' Justice League With #75 in April? JUSTICE LEAGUE #74 CVR A YANICK PAQUETTE & NATHAN[...]
HBO Max Puts Brian Bendis To Work On A Legion Of Super-Heroes TV Show
In his most recent newsletter, as well as talking about all his comic book plans, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis also talked about writing a Legion Of Super-Heroes TV show for HBO Max, which came about after he had written the pilot of a TV animated adaptation of his and David Mack's comic book[...]
DC to Publish Naomi Season 2 in March from Bendis, Walker, Campbell
Naomi will return this March for Naomi Season 2, a six-issue mini-series written by "The Great One" Brian Bendis and David F Walker with art by Jamal Campbell The series picks up following the titular Naomi's appearances in Young Justice and Justice League, and according to DC, will "uncover the truth behind the new mysteries[...]
The Reveal Of Mister King Has Been A Long Time Coming (Check
Event Leviathan: Checkmate was a planned sequel to Event Leviathan by the same creative team, Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev for 2020 Then a certain pandemic hit In June 2020, retailers were informed that the sequel series has been indefinitely postponed and that it will be "will be rescheduled to align with upcoming DC Universe storylines." Another spin-off of Event Leviathan, the Manhunters: Secret[...]
John Romita & Brian Bendis Action Comics #1019 Full Original Artwork
In this case, for auction from Heritage Auctions, is the entire original artwork from Action Comics #1019 by Brian Bendis, John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson including the cover It currently has bids of $3600 at the time of writing and will go under the hammer between the 18th and 21st of November Published at[...]
And in today's Checkmate #5 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev, not only do we encounter a collection of Hall Of Justice interns working for the Justice League and getting a Wonder Tour, we learn about new careers available to DC Comics citizens as a result. Checkmate #5 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev Advanced Multi-Verse Criminology?[...]
Bendis Pits Justice League Against Legion of Superheroes in January
And there are few creators more synonymous with the 22 Gimmicks than "The Great One" Brian Bendis, who helped define many of them during his time at Marvel Bendis plays for the other team these days, so it's DC Comics that will pit heroes vs heroes in the upcoming six-issue event, Justice League vs the[...]
Jonathan Kent, The New Superman, Out As Bisexual From DC Comics
But with the announcement that Superman — Jonathan Kent, that is — will be coming out as bisexual, Taylor added a new name getting credit for his work: "The Great One" Brian Bendis. The Great One took to Twitter to post: you would not believe the amount of congratulations I have received for the new #Superman news[...]
Brian Bendis Has Been Made A Substack PRO Offer
Joe Grunenwald at Comics Beat asked Brian Bendis, given that he has a Substack newsletter if he had also received a Substack PRO offer He confirmed that he had, saying "Yes, I have an offer from them I usually don't speak of business that I'm in the middle of, right? That always been, maybe how[...]
New Brian Bendis Comics From Dark Horse With Alex Maleev & Jacob Edgar
At the Diamond Retailer Summit this past weekend, Dark Horse VP of Marketing Matt Parkinson talked more widely about the upcoming plans with Brian Bendis, now that he has brought his Jinxworld line of creator-owned comics to Dark Horse for their 35th year As well as the backlist including Torso, Powers, Scarlet and more, and[...]
Brian Bendis Doubles Down On The Toilet Habits Of Green Arrow, Today
Earlier today, in a possibly vaguely amusing fashion, we looked at the appearance of Green Arrow in today's Checkmate #4 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev as giving us a major revelation for the DC Comics Universe The news that Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, used to come to the Justice League Watchtower satellite orbital[...]