Matthew Rosenberg Finally Gets Ahold of His Package from FedEx

Yesterday, as part of our mission to bring you the comic book news that really matters, Bleeding Cool told you all about the saga of Matthew Rosenberg and the package that FedEx was supposed to deliver to him, but refused. The package was overnighted to Rosenberg, something Rosenberg claims cost the mysterious sender $100, but though the package was sent two weeks ago, and Rosenberg began complaining on Twitter on Monday, and complained nonstop throughout the week, by Friday, the package had still not been delivered.

But unlike Rosenberg's last few X-Men series, this story actually has an ending!

And it's a happy ending, at that, as Rosenberg has finally managed to obtain his package, possibly from the drug store to which it had been erroneously dropped off earlier in the week. And while we'd love to take the credit for boosting the signal, it turns out that it wasn't the power of social media, or clickbait comics journalism, that finally helped the Uncanny X-Men writer get ahold of his package. It was good old-fashioned bribery!

Rosenberg explained:

And he also revealed what was in the box after all:

Loyalty. That's why, despite being a hotshot fancy-pants Marvel Comics writer who has packages sent to him where the shipping alone costs as much as 12 copies of Uncanny X-Men #1, and also despite behaving like a complete diva all week over this package, he's still, he's still, Matty from the Block!

We kid, of course. The man who is helping bring Cyclops back in Uncanny X-Men #11 deserves to have every package he desires delivered right on schedule.

Matthew Rosenberg Finally Gets Ahold of His Package from FedEx

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