Meghan Hetrick Puts Bleeding Cool In Its Place, Explains Faith Artist Change


Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on Joe Eisma's upcoming two-issue stint beginning with Faith #7. Since there was no information provided on the reason for the change, we decided it was best to speculate that it was an attempt to change the subject due to embarrassment over the company double-shipping copies of Faith #5, the Hillary Clinton cameo issues, to retailers in a miscalculated attempt to capitalize on Clinton's probably election victory.

Look, we all thought she was going to win.

As it turns out, we were way off second time, according to regular Faith artist Meghan Hetrick:

Whoops! Well, we thought it was a good guess.

See? And everyone is always telling us that just reposting tweets isn't comics journalism, but if we had been paying attention to Hetrick's twitter feed, we would never have made this mistake!

It's okay. We're sorry too. We were just kidding around.

See, that guy knows. We're just awful.

Our best wishes out to Meghan Hetrick. Hope you get better soon, and get back to drawing Faith, which we really do enjoy.

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