On Saturday, Captain America Marched On The Minnesota Capitol With The Alt-Right

A pro-President Trump rally at the Minnesota Capitol building this weekend, saw a stand-off outside the beginning between alt-right and left-wing protestors, kicking it up a notch.

Alt-right protestors carrying self-identifying flags tried to enter the rally. Oh and they came with Captain America.


Or at least, someone holding his shield and dressed in blue and a helmet.

You can catch him again at the end of this film too.

However, they were blocked by counter protestors. Separated by police, the groups chanted slogans at each other. Indeed, the Trump rally tried to separate themselves from the Alt-Righters.

It's been tempting for some to see the use of Cap's shield as a sign that what Marvel Comics is doing with Secret Empire is popularising fascist imagery and giving the far right a boost as a result, even if it is a story that goes in an opposite direction.

But it's not like the appropriation of Captain America is a new thing.

For either side.

With or without irony.


I know Americans flag-worship a little more than us Brits. That's one of the reasons Captain America has always looked a little facisty to my heathen eyes, with or without Hydra. So, for me, nationalist movements using Captain America imagery has never felt that far out of the ballpark…

Your mileage may, of course, differ.

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