Alex De Campi Gives Bucky Barnes A Happy Hanukkah

Bleeding Cool has championed Alex De Campi as one of the greatest comic book writers currently working in the medium. We have called her the closest thing we have to an eighties Alan Moore right now. And have bemoaned how criminally underused by comic book publishers she is, often down to her propensity to stick to her firm ideological principles, rather than bending like willows in the wind, as seems to be the preferred policy these days. She innovates, she explores, she doesn't like to repeat herself. Such as with her fanfic based on Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier and Frank Castle, the Punisher watching movies together.

She has run a number of Hell's Kitchen Movie Club comics initially with Dave Acosta and Dee Cunniffe but stopped. Then the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting happened and she started again.

Giving the Winter Soldier a very happy family Hanakkah and claiming him for the Jewish community. With Ro Stein, Ted Brandt and Dee Cunniffe. Seriously, Marvel should get them to do this for them for real.

Alex De Campi Gives Bucky Barnes A Happy HanukkahAlex De Campi Gives Bucky Barnes A Happy Hanukkah

Happy to share, Alex… and comic book students may like to observe how time flows from left to right through the same widescreen panel. Always a fun, if rare, technique to use.

Here's some previous editions.

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