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Bloggers In RefrigeratorsI wrote something on Bleeding Cool yesterday.

Attempting to be a sideways look at Con through different lenses. From someone trying to claw back some of the huge pile of cash they'd spend coming to San Diego by making some of it back any way they could. Whether that be queuing for a White Lantern Sinestro, sleeping on the bay or kidnapping Neil Patrick Harris.

That also unfortunately included suggesting people get sketches from pro for free, take a photo with their smartphone and put it on eBay there and then.

4) Free sketches! Everyone has time to do a free sketch on a comic book backing board. And if you've got a smartphone, you can put it on eBay seconds after receiving it.

It was meant to be a ridiculous-if-possible exaggeration of a practice that does go on. Creators know it, some don't do sketches because of it, some pick and choose refusing those with the eBay gleam in their eye, some say what the hell, hope it will make the flipper happy and consider it a form of outreach. While they starve in the gutter. And clearly not "everyone has time".

It was meant as a light hearted piece, commenting more on the modern cost of comic conventions,talking up a few interesting items along the way, and looking at the mindset of people who are motivated by swag.

But writer of Broken Trinity for Top Cow, Ron Marz, didn't think so. He tweeted;

That jackass rumor monger is advising SDCC goers to get free sketches from artists, then sell them on E-bay. It's a dick move, don't do it.

Artists have access to Ebay, and talk to each other. If an artist finds out you're selling a free sketch YOU WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER ONE.

Only thing lower than selling a free sketch — essentially, stealing from an artist — is ADVISING people to get free sketches & sell them.

Ah, why am I beating around the bush? Rich Johnston, who I think is slime anyway, suggested getting free sketches and selling them. Dick.

Ron decided that because of the piece, everyone now would be trying to scam sketches for eBay at San Diego and that as a result all creators would have to stop giving out free sketches. And that I was scum. And worthy of physical threats.

You're seriously barking up the wrong tree, @richjohnston, because I will gladly pop you in the fucking chops.

And he brought a few cheerleaders with him.

Nerdopolis @ronmarz RIGHT ON!!!! That shits fucking gay!!

seanfrankly @ronmarz doesn't mince his words. And apparently will not abide smarmy pieces of excrement like @richjohnston

Scion_Of_Mogo @ronmarz I so so so love you right now Ron.

kenlowery @ronmarz: Rich and shame parted ways long ago.

By then I'd amended the article to better reflect the tone I was going for, adding a "As long as you can live with yourself that is" to the end, promised to turn the other cheek and apologised to those I'd offended by not being clearer. Ron claimed that I was now a coward as well as pathetic. I gave up and told Ron if he did try and punch me, I'd try to french kiss him or at least lick his stubble.

I wasn't joking here, ask Ben Templesmith.

Ron didn't reply.

I'm sure some people will congratulate him on his choice of target and the language used at San Diego. Of course the one other thing I'm wondering if is after all that vitriol being spewed out online over a poorly worded joke, might Ron Marz qualify to join H.E.A.T.?

He certainly seems to have got the mannerisms down pat.

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