Details On Flashpoint #5 And Justice League #1 Midnight Openings

DC Comics are giving an extra stack of Flashpoint #5 to retailers who increase their orders for the book. If they order a quarter more than they originally did of Flashpoint #1, then DC will add another quarter on top. So you get 150% for the price of 125%.

Looks like there may be a lot of Flashpoint #5s going around.

Could be handy for stores considering a midnight opening for the release of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1. Shops will be allowed to sell the comics from one minute past midnight on Wednesday morning. Not in the UK, as the Monday bank holiday stomps all over that a bit. Damn.

So… which stores will be participating? Will there be parties? Drinking? Dancing? And will you be going along to buy a couple of comics?

Here's what will be available;

FLASHPOINT #5 cover by Andy Kubert.

FLASHPOINT #5 Variant Edition Cover A (B&W) by Andy Kubert

FLASHPOINT #5 Variant Edition Cover B cover by Jose Luis García-López.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Variant Edition cover by David Finch

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 B&W Variant Edition cover by David Finch

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Combo Pack (the digital one) recoloured cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

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