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rick and morty
What follows is the the new opening credits sequence for the fourth season – which offers us a ton to unpack Following the clip, we included some of takeaways that caught our eyeballs: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rick and Morty Season 4 Opening Sequence | adult swim ( Adult Swim Adult Swim Adult Swim Adult Swim Adult[...]
Comic Book Heroes, the Latest Independent Store for Romford Shopping Hall
And as that store was shutting, another new comic book store Comic Book Heroes was opening down the road at the Romford Shopping Hall in Havering, on the border of London and Essex. Located in Unit 20, at 43 Market Place, it many more independent outlets in the shopping centre, without a chain store in sight[...]
fear the walking dead season 4
Credit: AMC With The Walking Dead's eighth season wrapping up this Sunday (more on that below) and Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premiering the same night, AMC is pulling out all the stops to gets fans excited for a FTWD season that's expected to take the series in bold new directions… and let's not forget our[...]
Swipe File: Journey Into Mystery And The Olympic Opening Ceremony
From Glastonbury Tor, to the uprooting of the countryside by the cities of the Industrial Revolution, the beginning of the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London was not that familiar to many Americans watching… except those who had been reading recent issues of Journey Into Mystery, with the arrival in Otherworld of the Manchester Gods. While watching,[...]
How A Soft Cowboys & Aliens Opening May Affect Platinum Studios
For a company that lists $900,000 in assets but $27,000,000 in debt, something big was needed. A $36,000,000 opening is not enough Platinum promised stockholders that the movie would bring about a whole new round of licensing and a resurgence for the company. From the unaudited 10-Q for the period ending March 31, 2011: • $10.3M in[...]
Details On Flashpoint #5 And Justice League #1 Midnight Openings
So you get 150% for the price of 125%. Looks like there may be a lot of Flashpoint #5s going around. Could be handy for stores considering a midnight opening for the release of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 Shops will be allowed to sell the comics from one minute past midnight on Wednesday morning Not[...]