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Things are looking pretty grim for Wonder Woman in this preview of Justice League Last Ride #2, in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics Of course, we know she'll be okay since this is a flashback, but this battle on Apokolips is connected to the Justice League's downfall, the death of Martian Manhunter, and the[...]
The Justice League Get More Meta Than Ever Before (Spoilers)
Justice League time! It's been a while since Animal Man came across his writer, Grant Morrison, typing the script for that issue As reality broke down, Morrison addressed the reader and they explained both to Buddy Baker and to us, what was going down, both in the story and in Grant's own personal life, and[...]
Re-Cap Pages, Batman's Duck Tales And More In Justice League #61
But with Dan DiDio fired from DC Comics, and Brian Bendis' taking over Justice League #60 and #61, the recap page now seems to be a permanent thing, for that title at least. Might others join in? And even given a new DC Comics definition for a certain like of super-hero. Mega-Power? The DC Comics equivalent of[...]
Two stories in Justice League #61 means double the preview pages this week Double the preview pages means this article met its word count before we even had to type anything This article meeting its word count means you don't have to read a single one of our snide quips or sarcastic remarks Aren't you[...]
Tapas Bought For Half A Billion Dollars, Launch DC Comics Webtoons
Wonder Woman, with chapters from Wonder Woman Rebirth, is open read, Batman and Justice League need you to register and log in Oh and not live in the UK it seems. Wonder Woman Batman Justice League Kakao Buys Tapas For $590 Million Dollars, Launch DC Comics Webtoons "Tapas and Radish are two amazingly powerful storytelling platforms, and we welcome them[...]
Batman Wants To Get Politics Out Of Comics
I don't know if Justice League: The Last Ride is an Elseworld, set on The Elseworld, but it makes for a very entertaining twist on the classic Justice League set up Which means Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman Okay, not Aquaman Maybe he'll come along later We have a Batman with[...]
Swamp Thing Brings The Green XM Studios Newest DC Comics Statue
As for Swamp Thing, he will come with two different head sculpts, allowing DC Comics fans to display him with the usual bald head or the long haired design as seen in Justice League Dark. This powerful statue is a must-have piece for any DC Comics fan, and it is just the start for XM Studios[...]
Justice League Last Ride features a Justice League that's broken up, but some relationships remain strong, like the one between Superman and Lois Lane In this preview of Justice League Last Ride #1, we find that Lois has been sequestering in the Fortress of Solitude to write a book All of this leads us to[...]
DC Comics To Change Digital First Policy
Bleeding Cool first noticed this with the change to the upcoming Chip Zdarsky and Miguel Mendonça's Justice League comic book, The Last Ride Initially solicited as a digital-first comic book for April and in print for June, that was then changed and it will debut "day-and-date" with the print edition of the comic book this[...]
Teen Titans Academy
But also, Bolt, the Flash of the Future State: Suicide Squad gets her name in Teen Titans Adacemy, today. Teen Titans Academy #2 A speedster running on prostehtic blades, Alinta was the Flash of the Justice Squad, previously recruited by Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad and given her powers as a result. Future State: Suicide Squad #1 And[...]
DC Comics July 2021 Full Solicits And Solicitations
You can't move these days without someone creating a new version of the Justice League of America Whther that's Justice League Dark, Justice League Infinity, Justice Incarnate – and one day someone will let me write a Justice League series led by Poison Ivy called The Ivy League But in Justice League #64 and #65,[...]
The main cover to Justice League Infinity
The universe of the hit animated series Justice League Unlimited is set to return this July in a new digital comic book series called Justice League Infinite The seven-issue series will be written by cartoon producer James Tucker and J.M DeMatteis with art by Ethen Beavers Justice League Infinite #1 will be released digitally on[...]
DC Comics
But it turns out that some of this may be wrong, as she joins the Justice League She may not be from the Multiverse at all. The Dark Multiverse? The Omniverse? From Hypertime? Underneath the sofa? Give the people who put character profiles together some kind of clue… Not even to Shazadam… JUSTICE LEAGUE #60 CVR A DAVID[...]