Everything You Wanted To Know About Batman's Eric Border Before You Read Batman #36

The DC Comics character Eric Border, orderly at Arkham Asylum, has appeared in five comic books to date. Today's Batman #36 makes it his sixth.

If you have read the issue in question, you may suddenly be gripped by a desire to read his other appearances. So here they are. Without any spoilers.

His biggest appearance was his first, in Batman Annual #2, narrating his first night working at Gotham's madhouse.

ann2 ann1

And as people who have read today's Batman know… no, wait, I said no spoilers. But we then got a flashback.

ann0Right from the beginning he is striving to do some good in Arkham. Once he gets a rather pertinently interrupted interview out of the way.


But he soon sets out his agenda, how he sees Arkham, his place in it, and how he can help its inmates. And maybe himself.


He's a real bleeding heart… apparently.


And he has plans for a certain Batman.

But Batman has plans for him as well. But first he has to understand how the other orderlies may have dealt with previous guests, such as the Joker, in Batman: Joker's Daughter #1…


And he still expresses his concerns, even if the other orderlies aren't as understanding.


While in Batman Eternal #2 he still expresses his concern..


And from Arkham Manor #1, Eric continues his mission of healing.


Then in Batman #34, we learnt Batman's plans for Border.


In Batman #34, the Batman had plans for Eric Border, using him to gain access to the Joker's cell. Though Border had doubts…


A rarity, indeed. And yes, it's likely the Joker would be upset. But how would he find out? Well, in today's Batman…

No, no, I said I wouldn't. But did you catch that last speech balloon?

Image (30)

And from today's Batman #36, we learn the final fate of Eric Border and how it's all been heading in one direction…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, proud to announce their first in a line of new programming events, a "director's commentary" on the first Southern Bastards collection by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour. Places are rather limited…



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