Geoffrey D Wessel – Life's A Pitch At C2E2

Geoffrey D Wessel has written a story for a to-be-announced Image anthology. A comic called There Is A Light with John Keogh. Together they also had a page in Phonogram Vs The Fans. He has mini-comics. And he's working on a Zuda submission.

And he's at C2E2 seeing if he can drum up a little interest as a comic book writer. It's a hell of a task, but he's keeping a diary for Bleeding Cool.

First handoff! Chris Staros of Top Shelf. Didn't talk but graciously accepted the document. Also handed one to Bens McCool & Templesmith

Talked a bit with Jacen Burrows, who then directed me to William Christensen at Avatar. He didn't want the pitch document but did say to email it. And he will take a YouSendIt link.

Having chanced to see Jim Lee signing at Wildstorm, I bugged the guy next to him with business cards. I also passed off the two minicomics I have with me that I'm trying to sell, and the person (whose name I didn't get) actually advised I go talk to Axel Alonso at Marvel. HMMM…

Carefully shmoozing Archaia Press too, I know several people there so I'm approaching this one VERY diplomatically.


Well I totally screwed the pooch for going to either DC or Marvel's panels, as I got the times flipped. ARRRRRRGH!!!!!


Marvel: Met up with Jonathan Hickman (I interviewed him last year for Comics Bulletin), we shot the shit for a few, and he directed me to Jeanine Schaefer. I shook hands, handed over a business card as well as my two mini-comics. I turn around to talk to CB Cebulski a minute, and I am immediately whisked away by SOMEBODY very pointedly saying they don't accept script submissions. Jeanine corrected him, saying these were finished product. Therefore, I had to fill out the Marvel Submissions Form. WOW. It was an interesting experience to say the least, and now I'm "in the system," as it were.

Dark Horse: Briefly got to talk to Scott Alie. He was actually willing to look at the pitch, but did not take it, saying he'd rather I fill out Dark Horse's own submissions form and snail mail it in. Fair enough. He took my mini-comics as well.

Moonstone: Not taking new project submissions, however still took mini-comics in case for any work-for-hire that comes up.

Those are the major ones so far. If I get any more today I'll forward those along as well.

Meanwhile, attached is my early favorite for best costume so far.

Geoffrey D Wessel – Life's A Pitch At C2E2

Not a lot of people at the Hyatt, if anyone. Think I see more of the kitchen & bath people here…

Max Brooks was funny and informative, and George RR Martin has endurance and stamina doing an hour's reading from his book in progress.

William Christensen loves Horsecock. He said it twice. Take that as you will…

Meanwhile I managed to hustle ALL my available mini-comics. Well, the ones I didn't have to sign agreements to drop off for people anyway. Got more to sell tomorrow.

Oh look there's Templesmith. Report in tomorrow.

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