People Read Comics In Public Yesterday

Of course, this is hardly news to the Italians, French, Spanish, Germans, Portugeuse, Belgians, Swedes and the like who all seem happy to read comics in public everyday. In fact I've never seen a Brit embarrassed to read Viz Comic on the bus. But yesterday saw an attempt to address a perceived reticence to read comics in public in America – and a solidarity movement of evangelism around the world. Here are a few examples;

In West London, from Richmond Park to Chiswick

From coffee houses in South Carolina to the office in Missouri

From a Minneapolis picnic to a sushi restaurant.

From Brighton Beach to a cross country train.

From a San Antonio riverwalk to a tavern in Pittsburgh

Although it's very possible that one Tanya Tate, who sent in the following photos to Bleeding Cool may have not seen the L in the word Public…

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