Read The Neal Adams Compare The Meerkat Comic Right Here

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This was just delivered by courier. A printed copy of the Compare The Market comic book from DC Comics tying in with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice by Neal Adams and Tony Bedard.

Neal told me,

Wotta riot these Meerkats are! Ya gotta love 'em.
Thing is,they're known in England and not in the U. S.
I feel like I'm English, and so I can't explain what an
advertising Phenomenon the Meerkats are,….over there…….So I say,
'It's like the Geiko Gecko in the U.S.,…but different.
But, it's not,….really, is it?
Meerkats is a story. They have a History and relationships.
YOU GUYS GOTTA HELP ME!  HEY, wait, people can find the commercials on Youtube!!!
No, Neal didn't go crazy.  They aren't like Skateman. They're a "REAL" Phenomenon.
Except,……it's in England.

They are. And you can catch up on seven years worth of TV adverts right here.

I understand only a very few have been printed, but the digital version of the first issue can be found digitally right here, with Guided View or similar.

Of a simple PDF embedded below… the second part will be out in two weeks.

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