A Shared Comics "Luchaverse" is Coming Featuring Rey Mysterio, Konnan, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and More

We're living in an age where there are multiple comics in the subgenre of "wrestling comics," and that subgenre is getting a subgenre of its own with The Luchaverse, a new shared comics universe featuring top Lucha Libre stars and icons from Chido Comics, the production team behind the Lucha Underground Comics and Joey Ryan: Big in Japan, and Masked Republic, who represent the biggest stars of Mexican professional wrestling. The Luchaverse will feature comics based on Rey Mysterio, Blue Demon Jr, Konnan, Los Cadetes del Espacio (Solar and Super Astro), and "the two hottest luchadores of the modern era" the Lucha Brothers™ Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix.

From the creative team of writers Marco Lopez and Ivan Plaza and artists Ben Harvey, Bryan Magnaye, Diego Simone, and Javier Martin Caba, the Luchaverse will kick off with one-shots bringing the the luchadores together amidst "an earth shattering event." More details from the press release:

Writer Marco Lopez (Puerto Rico Strong, Terminal Anthology) and Chido Comics Founder & Publisher Ivan Plaza will be co-writing the Masked Republic Luchaverse one-shots which puts in the lucha libre stars right in the middle of an earth shattering event. "A dormant and mysterious power that long ago held the fate of our planet Earth has now been released. Our legends will be put to the test, as Chido Comics and Masked Republic bring back the glory and tradition of real-life lucha libre stars in comic books taking on epic and unprecedented events based in our real world mixed with adventure, fantasy and science fiction!"

In addition to writers Lopez and Plaza, thus far, the amazing creative team announced to be working on the special one-shots includes artists Ben Harvey and Bryan Magnaye (Rey Mysterio), Diego Simone (Blue Demon Jr), Javier Martin Caba (Lucha Brothers) and lettering all five books Micah Myers! All Luchaverse titles will be Executive Produced by Masked Republic's Kevin Kleinrock and Ruben Zamora and edited by Chido Comic's Ivan Plaza. The Rey Mysterio, Blue Demon Jr and Lucha Brothers One-Shot Specials will be available this year; with The Masked Republic Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot debuting at this year's San Diego Comic Con along with an appearance by the legendary luchador himself on Friday, July 20th! The Konnan and Los Cadetes del Espacio One-Shots will be released late 2018/early 2019.

Looks like we'll learn more at San Diego Comic-Con! Check out some teaser art below:

A Shared Comics "Luchaverse" is Coming Featuring Rey Mysterio, Konnan, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and More

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