Special Preview – Dark Horse's 'Starting Point' Captain Midnight #12 And Ghost #5

The second of Dark Horse's 'Starting Points' titles, arriving June 25th, is a special Captain Midnight issue that's geared toward welcoming new readers to the continuity of the series, bound to make an impact on the Project Black Sky crossover between their superhero books. Ghost #5also arriving June 25th, is also noteworthy for welcoming longtime Star Wars artist Jan Duursema onto the series for the first time.

Dark Horse have kindly provided us a sneak peek at several pages from each of these game-changing issues in their respective series. First up we have Captain Midnight #12, which does hint at some big changes for the series that make this issue key as an entry point for newly interested readers:

-2 -3 -7 -8

And next we have Ghost #5, the earliest of first looks, taking a hard look on what 'power' if any criminal elements have when facing off against our heroine:

-1  -5

-4 -6

Captain Midnight #12 is currently listed in Previews with item code APR 140036 and Ghost #5 is also currently listed in Previews with item code APR 140039

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