Speculator Corner: The First Time She-Hulk Went Grey

Hulk-2016-coverThe new Hulk series from Marvel Comics out in December, stars a very grey She-Hulk.

But is this the first time Jennifer Walters has turned this hue?


Not a bit of it, In Sensational She-Hulk #15, by Steve Gerber and Bryan Hitch, with a guest-starring Howard The Duck, she turned a similar shade rather than the expected emerald hue.

Surrounded by demons, suddenly she hulked out further than she ever had before…
shehulkv2015-06 And, yes, somehow that top stayed on.shehulkv2015-07

Those jeans are holding up well too.

Anyway, thanks to the folks at Sequitor (Comic Book Cogitation), the comic has been snapped up sharpish on eBay….



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