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The Politics Of Captain America And Fox News

The Politics Of Captain America And Fox NewsIn February, Fox News reported on the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie, saying that Cap amy no longer be a patriot, at least not in certain countries;

With his 70th birthday one month away, it has been revealed that Marvel Studios is shortening the title of its upcoming summer blockbuster movie on star-spangled superhero from Captain America: The First Avenger to The First Avenger in markets in South Korea, Russia and the Ukraine. On the surface, it's a marketing decision. Cap's brand recognition apparently is not as strong in those three regions and filmmakers want the movie to be a worldwide sensation, not just a U.S. hit

But recently that's been defined as the only countries where that is happening, yesterday the New York Times reporting;

Marvel and Paramount Pictures, which is distributing "Captain America: The First Avenger," figured they would simply release the film as the truncated "The First Avenger" in foreign countries. But in a surprise, Paramount's overseas operation objected, arguing that Captain America had too much brand value, even in spots like France that are leery of embracing Team America too readily.

And in a piece for July the 4th, Fox News has just asked "So What if Captain America Might Be a Liberal? So What if He Might Be Full-Throated Conservative?" in a headline discussing the politics. And they take a rather conciliatory view. Looking at recent news stories

Our hero's patriotic credentials have been under scrutiny the last few years for two reasons: a jab made at the Tea Party movement in a 2010 issue of "Captain America" (a reference removed in reissues of the comic) and the revelation from "Avenger" director Joe Johnston that Steve Rogers, man behind the mask, would not be "this sort of jingoistic flag-waver."

Fox then looks at the changing history of the character

In the 1970s, as the nation reeled from the end of the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal, Cap targeted more homegrown enemies. At one point, he became so disillusioned that he ditched his red, white and blue threads and temporarily assumed another moniker, Nomad.

Later, in 2007, debates over the war on terror and the role of Big Government arguably led to Captain America's death in the comic world. A new law requiring all heroes to register their secret identities with the government pitted Cap against some of his allies. Believing the law was passed out of fear and violated all Americans' civil liberties, Cap became an outlaw and led a rogue group of heroes who refused to be manhandled by the government.

But concludes;

Liberal, conservative, Tea Party member … it shouldn't matter what the Sentinel of Liberty is. Captain America represents the American ideal, the best in all of us. He's supposed to stand for truth – no matter how dirty it is – and justice, not just us. And that's the American way.

Fair and balanced.

Until you get to the comments. Here are my favourites;

mrtwigs Liberal leaders will never represent all the people. Liberals only represent misfits and mob rule.

rockthevote2012 You forgot dick suckers too.

mpisi If he were a liberal wouldn't he be wearing more earth tones and comfy shoes??

Mune Shadowe No more like a pink toto while displaying a rainbow flag.

RedDawn2011 And carrying a little white rat dog!

jimonfox The only Liberal super-hero is Captain Stimulus……..who has been invisible for two and a half years…..creating invisible jobs.

Major Skidmark </cite>Luckily he only cost us $877 BILLION!

Politicallypatriotic liberalism is a cancerous rot and boil on the arse of America… and always will be… TRUE PATRIOTS are as established by our Founding Fathers… conservative, patriotic, God Fearing and trusting AMERICANS! God Bless American irregardless of what those leftist thugs try to do… we WILL prevail!

Major Skidmark Only in the warped mind of a liberal is it BAD to believe in America's greatness.  Truth, Justice, and the American is GOOD.  Libs want Americans to be ASHAMED of being the greatest civilization that ever graced this planet.

mrtwigs Liberals can't even identify a patrriot to play Captain America. gee-whiz. There's only one America folks and it is under attack.

republiking Typical liberal propaganda!! It's so obvious that the public within this film are being duped into paying for this military program through increased taxes and stimulus monies. Not to mention how the character is from Brooklyn, another liberal bastion. Unbelievable!

downbound Let's try to put this stupid debate into perspective.  We're talking about the politics of someone who fights a big, red Nazi-skull.

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