Valiant Comics And The Complications Of Goat Husbandry

Female goats usually live on average 11 – 12 years. Those that are 'retired' from breeding around age 10 will live longer, up to the age of 16 – 18 years.

A 24 year old female goat has been known but she again had been retired from breeding at the age of 10.

Why are you getting such lessons in animal husbandry from Bleeding Cool today? Because we've just read Quantum & Woody #12. Where the goat that has been hanging around was recently revealed as being possessed by the mind of their dead father.


But in this issue he finds a way to project himself a little better.


But how long has he been trapped in that goat?


Hold on a minute. Remember goats live up to eighteen, if they have been retired from breeding. Has this goat?


Basically that's the equivalent of an eighty-five year old human getting up the duff.

And yes, also it means that their dad is a man trapped in a female goat's body. Transgender and transpecies in one go…

He'd better get a new body soon though, that one is almost work out…

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