Retailers, Check Your Diamond Accounts For Marvel Rebates

When the shutdowns began to look like becoming a thing, while other comic book publishers offered increased returnability or new distributors, Marvel Comics chose instead to increase the discount that comic book retailers received retroactively. That was at least the announced plan. Well, it took some time but two months later, the Marvel rebates seems to have come through.

One retailer writes, in a note passed to Bleeding Cool, "I just got a 19% credit on my past Marvel books for a couple of weeks of invoices. This is basically straight cash which looks like it was already credited towards my Diamond invoices currently due. It comes out to a couple of thousand dollars worth. I was shocked! I know Marvel talked about this when the COVID situation started, but to see them come through with it, makes me so happy. This decision by Marvel will really help retailers like me right now. No need to go through hoops, its cash on hand for retailers. I just wish DC did the same lol. DC has been making all the wrong moves… Great decision for Marvel not to rush back to distribution and to actually give something to retailers that helps…cold hard cash lol."

Marvel has talked about launching a Back In Action plan for comic book retailers but a large chunk of change in the ordering account may be even more useful for all concerned. While Diamond would also be the beneficiary of that additional spending capacity from comic book retailers using these Marvel rebates as well.

So how much did your retailer get back in Marvel rebates towards their rent, staffing and utilities? Is it worth them making sure? I trust that, unlike a certain friend of his, Ike Perlmutter didn't have to have his name printed every cheque.

Retailers, Check Your Diamond Accounts For Marvel Rebates.
Retailers, Check Your Diamond Accounts For Marvel Rebates. Logo from Marvel.

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