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USC Retailers, Don't Sell Stejpan Sejic's Aquaman #59 Yet - Too Late?

UCS Retailers, Don't Sell Stjepan Sejic's Aquaman #59 Yet – Too Late?

With UCS Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution and Diamond Comic Distribution all distributing DC Comics products to comic book stores right now, there is likely to be some market disparity with books arriving through one distributor at a different schedule to the other. We'd noted that Diamond Comic Distributors had reported late titles, with Lunar having […]

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Diamond Comic Distributors, Now With Added Bubble Wrap

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, Iowa, got his Diamond Comic Distributors delivery for this coming Wednesday, yesterday. Which is pretty early for Diamond, but there's more besides. We'd previously looked at the large amounts of packaging that comic book stores had been receiving from new DC Comics distributor Lunar Distribution created by DCBS, especially in […]

DC Comics Launches DC Connect #1, Free Monthly Digital Catalogue

DC Replaces DC Previews With Digital-Only DC Connect #1

So we are getting a new Diamond Previews on Wednesday. But we may now no longer be getting the DC Previews that goes along with it. Instead DC Comics is launching a digital-only version, DC Connect, and the first issue is available right here, right now, at this link. DC Comics describes it thus: DC […]

Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter

Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics in Ankeny, Iowa shows off the Diamond Comic Distributors boxes coming through, with products on sale today. With the big friendly Our Comeback Will Be Bigger sticker on the side of the Diamond packages. So what will one find on the inside? It's not quite the Lunar Distribution massive bubble […]


Oops – a Few DC Comics Through Diamond Will Be Delayed Further

Diamond Comic Distributors shut their doors to new comic book product at the end of March. DC Comics looked to their two biggest comic store customers, DCBS and Midtown Comics to create two new distributors to ship DC Comics titles across the USA – and a little bit of Canada. It all got a little […]

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Retailers, Check Your Diamond Accounts For Marvel Rebates

When the shutdowns began to look like becoming a thing, while other comic book publishers offered increased returnability or new distributors, Marvel Comics chose instead to increase the discount that comic book retailers received retroactively. That was at least the announced plan. Well, it took some time but two months later, the Marvel rebates seems […]

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Magic, Marvel and Monitoring Pullboxes – Comic Store In Your Future

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. He writes on Magic, Marvel and maintaining his customer base in this time of trial, Bleeding Cool ran an article recently about a comic store that closed due to having to wait for Diamond to start shipping comics again. One vendor for […]


Erik Ko of Udon on New York Cons, Diamond Shutdown and Surviving This

Erik Ko, Chief of UDON Entertainment, the anime and manga publisher, behind the Street Fighter comics, gives Bleeding Cool and update on what his studio has been up to during this pandemic – "As a little boutique publisher, UDON is lucky to be in a position to not rely on churning out tons of products […]

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Graphic Novels Sales Up 43% in Bookstores, During Diamond Shutdown

could the bookstore be more of a competition to the comic book store in the months going forward?If you want to keep up with Bleeding Cool's coverage of the current global situation as well as the continuing New Distributor Wars of 2020, you can bookmark these links. Publishers Weekly reports that the numbers of print books sold in[...]


Diamond Comic Distributors Confirms May 20th Date for Comic Shops

Okay, so DC Comics jumped the queue, courtesy of Lunar and UCS. Diamond Comic Distributors has been saying that it was planning for a May 20th onsale date for comic book stores that are able to reopen in the current climate. The company, which has been closed to new comics since the beginning of April, […]

Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future

Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future

Might Lunar offer an alternative, with a structure that is already serving DC Comics - for now? Would UCS do something similar?The New Distributor Wars of 2020 are still playing out.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="588"] Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future Image from BC.[/caption] In a question-and-answer session with Newsarama's Chris Arrant, DCBS[...]


Detective Comics #1022 Joins DC's Joker War

Diamond has both covers listed for June 3rd, so it seems that Lunar customers will get half of their orders a week before Diamond.If you want to keep up with Detective Comics #1022 or any of Bleeding Cool's coverage of the current global situation as well as the continuing New Distributor Wars of 2020, you can bookmark[...]


Steve Geppi States Comics Sales Higher Than Expected Out Of Shutdown

You can catch up on our other coverage of the impact of the current global event on the comcis industry and on the New Distributor Wars of 2020 with these bookmarkable links,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDQ6tqHfd6o Dan Shahin's Comic Book News channel brought in publishers to talk to Steve Geppi, owner of Diamond Comic Distributors[...]


Cushions, COD and Conflicts – the Latest From Lunar and UCS Comics

Bleeding Cool continues to cover the current situation and the New Distributor Wars of 2020 with these tags. One Canadian comic store gave us a break down of the costs of doing business with one of the new DC Comics distributors, Lunar Distribution The first week of titles, they were charged over half of the[...]

Steve Geppi Talks Live With Direct Market Pulishers

Steve Geppi Video With Groth, Richie, Wood and Waid, Tomorrow

Will tomorrow's video also hit the headlines? Which other publishers will join the four announced? What will Gary Groth say to get Mark Waid enraged? Or vice versa? Will Gary and Ross compare notes on employing Mark? Will Dirk remain his usually throaty chilled out self? What will the publishers have to say to Steve[...]


Scout Comics Joins DC, Goes Direct To Retailer With New Distributor

If your local shop isn't aware of this new direct to retailers program, please have them email us at store@scoutcomics.com for more info. If you want to keep up with Bleeding Cool's coverage of the current global situation as well as the continuing New Distributor Wars of 2020, you can bookmark these links.[caption id="attachment_1202720" align="aligncenter" width="600"][...]

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DC Comics Explain Why It's New Comic Book Tuesday Now

You can catch up with the rest of our coverage on the impact of the current global situation here as well as the New Distributor Wars of 2020 here It's always Tuesday somewhere.[caption id="attachment_1201729" align="aligncenter" width="600"] DC Comics Explain Why It's New Comic Book Tuesday Now Logo from DC Comics.[/caption] DC Comics has written to[...]


Diamond Skips Previews For May, Doubles Up In June

Image from Previewsworld.[/caption]You can also catch up on how else the current crisis is affecting the comic book industry, a well as the latest moves in the New Distributor Wars of 2020 with these tags. Due to publishing, shipping, distribution, production and general life-related delays created by the current global situation, as well as the[...]


Marvel Returns to Comic Shops on May 27th – and It's a Wednesday

As well as the latest escapades of the New Distributor Wars of 2020 with this tag Bleeding Cool, we keep you covered. Bleeding Cool just ran a Thank Friday It's FOC for this week's titles being ordered by retailers, for the return of comic books to comic book stores for May 20th However, we noted[...]


Ludocrats Yes But Marvel No – Thank FOC It's Friday 1st of May

Welcome to Thank FOC It's Friday (mostly) every Friday and planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off. Of course, in these times, so much of this is up in the air. We haven't had an industry-wide FOC for a month. DC Comics is now coming through Diamond, USC and Lunar. […]