Rob Liefeld Says Rob Liefeld Could Have Helped Prevent Future Foundation Cancellation

On Saturday, Bleeding Cool reported the sad news that Future Foundation had been canceled by Marvel due to sales, a decision writer Jeremy Whitley confirms was made at Final Order Cutoff for the book's second issue. Superstar artist and the Kanye West of comics Rob Liefeld took to Twitter on Monday with a suggestion for how to avoid cancellation in the future in a book that features Rikki Barnes, a character created by Liefeld for Liefeld and Jeph Loeb's Heroes Reborn Captain America series: get some covers drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Liefeld, ever humble, didn't say that his covers would definitely prevent the cancellation of a comic, but he did note that they "woulda helped out a bit" in this case. Liefeld was met with some backlash on Twitter for his comment, but he noted that he supported the book and the creative team.

And retweeted some older tweets from the beginning of the month to prove his point.

But when it comes to haters, Liefeld takes a Swiftian approach to things.

Will Marvel learn a lesson and hire Liefeld for more covers the next time they try a Rikki Barnes revival? Only time will tell.

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