Monday Runaround – Severing A Connection With An Audience

PenisWatch: You are an average consumer of average American product. You watch the FOX show Human Target. It seems pleasantly bland enough. You notice on freeze frame that it appears to be based on one of those comic books that people talk about. So the next time you are passing a book shop, just before it's about to go bankrupt, you pop in and find the graphic novel shelves. And there it is, The Human Target. You pick it up, you flick to the first page and…

Monday Runaround – Severing A Connection With An Audience

"I am a severed penis shoved into a dying mouth."

You put it back and leave.

CLiNTWatch: Let's Be Friends Again looks at the title of Mark Millar's upcoming anthology magazine…

Monday Runaround – Severing A Connection With An Audience

BatWatch: The upcoming Batman: Creature Of The Night is Kurt Busiek's thematic sequel to Superman: Secret Identity for DC Comics.

ConWatch: The Los Angeles Convention Center, while holding out for Comic Con International, has grabbed the big Microsoft worldwide partner conference… hey if they could hold them back to back, that would save a lot in air travel for so many people…

AudienceWatch: This weekend Willow Wilson performed a reading from her Vertigo graphic novel, Cairo at New York University.

One half of the room were comic book fans who had probably never attended an event hosted by a Muslim institution, and the other half were Muslims awkwardly admitting to themselves and the world that they loved comic books

HornetWatch: Dynamite launch their seventh Green Hornet title in July. We'd already mentioned Green Hornet Parallel Lives #1, prequelling the upcoming movie. Now comes Green Hornet: Golden Age Remastered #1 by Fran Striker and Bert Whitman Associates, with covers by Joe Rubenstein, reprinting the original comic book stories of the character from the forties.

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