Run Around

Thursday Morning Runaround – The Return Of Jaxxon

Yeah, I haven't done this for a while. I really should. If you have anything you want to submit for a daily runaround, look at the format below and send to Onwards. REMEMBERED, REMEBERED, THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBERED Russell Brand and Anonymous in V For Vendetta masks stormed Buckingham Palace last night. Or, at […]

Thursday Runaround – The Lenny Henry Spider-Man

MILLARWHIRLED Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo are launching their new Image comic, MPH, at Forbidden Planet in London on Saturday 24th May from 1 till 2pm. That's right, it's rather a speedy signing as well. SCULPTED Scott McCloud returns to comic book fiction. The New York Times reports, The cartoonist Scott McCloud, who wrote about […]

Tuesday Morning Runaround – Where's The Boom At?

BRITS TO GET COMICS ON EASTER THURSDAY The Easter delays means that UK stores will have comics on sale on Thursday this week. Sorry, folks… WHERE ARE THE WOMEN AT? In recent polls pulled by Comixology the fastest growing demographic belong to young women ages 17-26. Captain Marvel. Ms. Marvel and Young Avengers are some […]

Tuesday Morning Runaround – Marvel NOW What?

  After Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are our Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. left with an empty warehouse any picking up their pink slips? Sean Williamson asks the question…. WHEN WOMEN CRITIQUE COMICS Janelle Asselin writes about her experiences after criticising the cover for Teen Titans #1 for featuring what appeared to be a teenage Wonder […]

Saturday Runaround – The Longest Comic And The Naughtiest Dog

AIRBOY'S FRED KIDA DIES, 93 Fred Kida, an active comic artist for almost 50 years , has died at the age of 93. Mark Evanier writes, Another worthy contender for the title of Oldest Comic Book Artist was Fred Kida, who drew the Airboy comic books beginning around 1940 and who worked in comics (books and strips) until around 1987. […]

Tuesday Morning Runaround – Attack On 2.75 Million Print Run

Off to hospital today folks for tests and things. Wish me luck. TITANIC DAZE Hajime Isayama's Attack On Titan is going to print 2.75 million for volume 13 of the popular manga. At great cost to the Garrison and the Survey Corps, Commander Erwin has managed to recover Eren from the Titans who tried to […]

Friday Morning Runaround – From Andrea To Carol

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ANDREA Welcome to pop culumnist Andrea Shea, a new Assistant Editor at Aspen Comics. PORTLAND OF COMICS A new indie comic convention comes to one of the comic industry's capitals, Portland… and it's free to attend. Seeing the writing on the wall, François and Zach had begun working on Linework, which they promised would have […]

Monday Morning Runaround – More Mignola, More Max, Less 99

MORE BALTIMORE Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden,  Peter Bergting and Dave Stewart are creating a new Baltimore comic mini-series, featuring the greatest monster hunter, Lord Henry Baltimore, in Baltimore: The Witch of Harju. In his newest adventure, fresh off a showdown in London, Baltimore shelters a woman on the run from a possessed dead man and the witch playing his puppet […]

Monday Morning Runaround – The Life Of Bryan Talbot

BRYAN SURGERY Here's the trailer for Graphic Novel Man, the new documentary about Bryan Talbot. [youtube][/youtube] COMMUNITY Dark Horse's Scott Allie is coming to Northern Essex, to speak to the students. Or anyone else who wants to pop by. Also no one tell Eric Stephenson about that "third" thing… Noted comics writer and editor Scott […]

Friday Runaround – Moving Away From 9/11

WATCHING FIGURES The Economist looks at ballet-dancing graphic novel, Polina. Mr Vivès conveys emotions with the lightest of touches. He uses the narrative gaps afforded by the graphic-novel form to great effect as readers are left to imagine the events left undrawn and the words left unsaid. When Polina rings to make up with a […]

Thursday Runaround – Justice Lag Of America

Okay, in a few hours I'm off to the red carpet for the British Captain America premiere. I know you folk had one first in the States this time, but now it's our turn. And I promise not to jump the turnstile, dodging security guards to pin a spoiler on a star's chest as I […]

Tuesday Morning Runaround – The Size Of Jack Kirby's Life

LE KIRBY KRACKLE A giant Jack Kirby visual biography is being published in France, a 384 page hardcover vovering his life and work from 1917 to 1965, by Jean Depelley. A second volume covering 1966 to 1994 will be issued later in the year. MOORE OR LESS According to a recent interview in the French […]

Thursday Morning Runaround – Marvel's Digital Future, And Print Past?

DIGITAL DELIGHTS Bleeding Cool has been running the news that Marvel are to consolidate their offerings into one App for some time. Good eReader is the first to corroborate that. However they also seem to conflate bookstores and comic stores together in their claim that Marvel is phasing out print retail in favour of digital, […]

Tuesday Morning Runaround – Portland's Graphic Vision

A VERY GRAPHIC BUSINESS Portland, home of a considerable comics community, is using comic book imagery to explore how business operate in the area… AMAZING CHANCE Anyone for an Amazing Fantasy #15? Hake's has an American auction ongoing... THOSE SEXIST TOSHIRO CREATORS So I get hung by the neck till I be dead, and Heidi […]

Monday Morning Runaround – That Is Not Spock

HIGHLY ILLOGICAL The comic convention where you pay $100 minimum to see Leonard Nimoy on Skype and get a pre-signed autograph… I'M NOT SURE WHAT SPORT IT IS BUT THEY SURE LOOK PRETTY Las Vegas Wranglers get all webbed up. The Wranglers will be dressed as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man Saturday, March 1, versus the […]

Friday Morning Runaround – What A Watterson

PLUNGING THE DEPTHS Survey: What do you all think? Chloe Bennet as FATHOM's Aspen Matthews #aspencomics @chloebennet4… — Aspen Comics (@AspenComics) February 28, 2014 SUPERHEROES ON THE SLOPES   Francesco Francavilla designs the Winter Olympic look for superheroes… THE WHITE HOUSE OF IDEAS [youtube][/youtube] "Basically I'm here to announce that we're building Iron Man." […]

Thursday Morning Runaround – Introducing Wolverine

CLAWS FOR CONCERN The original art for the first appearance of Wolverine, by Herb Trimpe, has been found and will be auctioned. Given as a gift to a visiting fan back in 1983, a six figure sum is expected when this goes to auction. Money from the sale will go to benefit the HERO charity. […]

Monday Morning Runaround – Venom Will Be There For You

MONICA'S GANG As spotted by Tom Huxley, Monica's apartment in Friends has been repurposed for Venom #27.1. ICH BIN EINE BERLINER The credits page for the new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen book, Roses Of Berlin. MIDTOWN DELIVERIES Midtown Comics tells Bleeding Cool over complaints about the Marvel subscription service they run. The site has been […]