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Lumina is basically a graphic novel, something in between sci-fi and fantasy, designed and built by Emanuele Tenderini and Linda Cavallini . It's going to be the first book produced using the "Hyperflat" technique combined with a sumptuous six-color printing, necessary step to recreate the wonderful color gamut you can see on a computer/device display. Extremely high-end digital quality along with the best printing results possible to date.

Lum2The campaign has been launched on the international platform Indiegogo with a deadline on next May 31. On that day, if the goal has been reached, Lumina will become a real book. Each perk is actually a way to pre-order different kinds of products and benefits, such as basic digital/paper versions of the book, unique collectibles, real live workshops with the authors and access to cool exclusive parties with the whole Lumina community.

Lumina will be a Sci-Fi / fantasy comic book series. Its main characters will be an ancient planet (Lumina) and two teenage kids, brother and sister, who'll have to face many adventures, amongst magic, technology, deep darkness and blindinglight.
Lumina will be available in Italian, French and English. It will be a perfectly blended mix of the codes and rhythm of a Japanese anime and the most attractive videogame aesthetic image quality.

The goal here is to offer a design that could embrace the many possibilities given by the newest different visual media forms.
Stylistically close to the atmospheres you could find in Hayao Miyazaki's productions, Lumina's strongest asset will be the almost-manic research for aesthetic beauty and visual pleasure. As in the recent anime production, you'll find fresh human figures and cool dynamic extremely detailed objects placed on wonderful and ample open-air, atmospheric environments.

This style has been called Hyperflat by the authors. It's a sort of evolution of Takashi Murakami's Superflat, where the flat, blurred brushstrokes overlaying create a new sense of depth (hyper), giving the authors freedom of communication in a realistic 3D environment on a 2D support and a way better image quality.

Also, Lumina will be the very first comic book production to be printed in hexachrome. To date – with just a few, very high worth photography book exceptions – all of the comic books or graphic novels have always been printed in four colors (CMYK). By adding two more colors, it's possible to widen the color gamut (i.e. its extension), hence getting closer to the vibrant, brilliant RGB effect you can see on monitors and displays.

Everyone can support Lumina through its Indiegogo page, the project's official website and every social network, by using the hashtags #Lumina and #Makeithappen.

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The story

The planet, Fej Farok, brother and sister Miriam e Kite

Lumina is the whole Universe's oldest planet. All civilizations come from it and all existing parallel dimensions will converge to it. Lumina is the planet of light and creation, the kingdom of Fej Farok.

The Fej Farok is a parasite and a deity, which can cross the membrane that separates the parallel universes, adjusting their balance if needed. It's a creature made up of two parts – Fej and Farok – and each of them is hosted by two bodies, two porters, elected among the descendants of the Abyssals, very intelligent and ancient creatures that form the spiritual and religious side of Lumina. When the Fej Farok picks two individuals, the chosen ones, it literally owns their bodies and gives them unimaginable power. They become Fej (Yin), and Farok (Yang).
The dawn of time and Fej Farok ruled the planet Lumina .
However, the ambition and the thirst for conquest of Fej were great : he wished to conquer all the planets in the Universe, in all possible realities , using their immense powers . To achieve his goal , he needed his half Farok , which, however , did not share the destructive plans and conquerors of the counterparty.
Fej so he decided to kill Farok . A few moments before being struck by the sword of Fej , Farok could be projected on a planet , of all possible worlds , in a time among all possible times . In just a few seconds to choose two innocent creatures and give them his share of the parasite and its powers . On that planet , the Earth, in the present, Fej would not be able to find the completion of his power to achieve his evil purposes.
Earth. Today.
Miriam and Kite are two lively kids, as many of their age, divinding their time between school and friends. They're orphans. Miriam looks after her little brother, who's not really the easy kind, though. Miriam is a very nice young girl and careful sister but at times she can be a little bit too much harsh with herself and the people around her. Kite is a real force of nature, lazy at school and on the everyday tasks and a real daredevil on the streets while practicing his favorite hobby, the Parkour: he's a young, flamboyant energy mix.
For some time now, the two have been sharing a strange hallucination: they were both still, hand in hand, in a kind of a mesmerized state, staring at a strange geometric flame containing an immense, very brightly lit opening in its very center. Kite and Miriam have never given too much weight to these visions, till one day, at school, they got suddenly surrounded by very menacing mysterious Black Creatures. Frightened to the bones, they tried to run away, but they soon found themselves in the strange place they'd seen in their common visions.
They got pushed inside the flame and from that moment on their life would've never been the same.
When they wake up, Miriam and Kite are right in the midst of a bloody battle between the Black Creatures and a powerful warrior. Above their heads a giant sprawling body materializes and grows exponentially, destroying everything around him. Behind them, a strange man in a hood speaking an incomprehensible strange language, is repeating a magical chant that sounds like an ancient rite.
In no time, the two kids got parted. As is Miriam taken by a Black Creature, Kite stays on the scene, firmly clinging to the strong arm of the warrior. The gigantic creature has disappeared. Now Kite is alone, confused but very determined to find his sister. He will face a long and tough journey, alongside with and fighting against extraordinary creatures. His goal is to find Miriam and get out of that vast and dazzling planet Lumina, as the fearsome warrior Oleg and the abysmal Nohea call it.


After crowdfunding

This is the beginning of a long journey. We have many ideas and many possible ways in which Lùmina can evolve, and each of them is simply amazing, like comic books, animations, smartphone apps, video games and many, many others!

We want to share our projects with you and color your dreams with imagination.

You, the readers, will be the real "heroes" of our adventures and we're glad to take you with us into the magical world of Lùmina.

You can find more information on Lùmina here:

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