UPDATE: Si Spurrier On Bringing Back The X-Club In December

UPDATE: Si Spurrier On Bringing Back The X-Club In December

Si Spurrier is bringing back the team that he's written about in previous spinoff X-Men books, the science group known as the X-Club. Currently feturing Dr Nemesis, Box, Kavita Ra and Danger in their own five issue mini-series drawn by Paul Davidson starting in December, that sees the team creating a space elevator.

UPDATE: Si tells me;

We-ell, on the one hand it's an opportunity to have some fun with a lot of slicing-edge science. A lot of the most exciting future-concepts in the "real world" are out-of-bounds to contemporary fiction because the technologies (or the theory, or the R&D, or the materials, or whatever) aren't quite up to spec. But of course the Marvel Universe exists a little further towards the "anything-can-happen" end of the spectrum, so suddenly it's open season on all these deranged bio-, chemo- and techno-theories we've all been waiting for.

For instance, some of the story revolves around the construction of a Space Elevator. That's a concept which has had Scientists dribbling for years, but despite the theory being completely sound there are just too many technological stumbling-blocks to make it practicable anytime soon in the real world.  But in the Marvel U?  You've got a Canadian tech-savant who can intuitively build a nanotube tether, a hardlight-generating A.I. capable of computing engineering stresses and rare-earth ion-boosters during construction, and a bloody ex-villain with dominion over All Things Magnetic who can shift your colossal space-station counterweight into geosynchronous orbit easy as pie. Hey presto, Space Elevator.  And that's just the start.

And if all that sounds a bit too much like technogibberish, fret not.  Because on Hand-the-Second, WE DO SCIENCE also an opportunity to explore 4 of the most amazing and underused characters in the X-verse.  Which means Kavita Rao being biosavvy and soulful, Jeffries being spaced-out and emotionally confused, Danger being – well… utterly and completely changed, hahaha – and Nemesis being the world's only and best SCIENCE BASTARD.

There are some big, big surprises in store, for the Science Team and the X-Men alike. And, yes, to overegg the bloody pudding with an old favourite, THE STATUS-QUO WILL CHANGE.  Okay?  Okay.

Marvel give a great promo line in the solicitations as well – "Don't miss this new limited series that will surely change how you look at the X-Men and the Periodic Table of Elements FOREVER!"

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